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This section containing a listing of current available recordings of Noel Coward material follows requests from browsers of the web site.
Noel Coward - Private Lives and Hay Fever - BBC Radio Collection with Judi Dench and Stephen Fry. ISBN 0-563-55869-5
Noel Coward - An Audio Biography - With the excellent Sheridan Morley and unfortunate linking music that sounds like a barrel-organ on acid! BBC Radio Collection. ISBN 0-563-55742-7
The Best of Noel Coward - Hodder Headlione Theatre Collection with various artists directed by Maria Aitken. ISBN 1-85998-220-4. CD version ISBN 1-85998-267-0
Noel Coward - The Great Shows - EMI Cat No: 7243-5-21808-2-0
Noel Coward - On The Air - Flapper - Pavilion Records (see Society CD Catalogue) PAST CD 7840
Together With Music - Noel Coward and Mary Martin. DRG CDXP1103
Noel & Gertie - Past Perfect PPCD 78135 (see Society CD Catalogue for reduced prices)
Noel Coward Sings - His Score for The Girl Who Came To Supper - DRG 5178
Twentieth Century Blues The Songs of Noel Coward - EMI/Red Hot Cat No: 7243-49463127
The Dance Bands Play Noel Coward - Pearl - Flapper - Pavilion Records PAST CD 9758 (see Society CD Catalogue)
The Compact Coward - EMI CDP 7-922802
The Words and Music of Noel Coward - EMI Cat No: 7243-5-20727-2-9
The Songs of Noel Coward- Flapper - Pavilion Records - PAST CD 7080
Noel Coward - The Revues - EMI Cat No: 7243-5-20729-2-7
Noel Coward - Bitter-Sweet - Sadler's Wells Opera TER CDTER2 1160. Double CD with Valerie Masterson etc.
Golden Operetta Highlights - Bitter-Sweet - CDTEO1001. Single CD with Valerie Masterson etc.
The Grand Tour - Ballet Music of Noel Coward - Single CD with Robin White conducting Prague City Philharmonic Orchestra. Cat No:SILKD6007.
The Noel Coward Album - Cat No:MDK47253
The Noel Coward at Las Vegas and In New York albums combined minus the New York medley.
Noel Coward - A Talent to Amuse - Single CD featuring Peter Greenwell - Noel Coward's last accompanist. Cat No:SILVAD3009
Noel Coward Anthology - Living Era Single CD of original Coward recordings. Cat No:AJACD5126
Sail Away - EMI Cat No:5207262 Single CD of original Coward recording.
Noel and Gertie - Salisbury Playhouse Cast - TER Cat No:CDTER1117 Single CD with William Blezzard conducting and starring Patricia Hodge, Lewis Fiander and original London cast.

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