The following text and pictures come from an item in a special supplement of the 'Theatre World' dated April 1938. 

Fritzi Massary, the famous continental actress, singing a number in "The Model Maid," the play-within-a-play which figures largely in the action of Noel Coward's Operette, at His Majesty's Theatre. 

Peggy Wood (centre) as Rozanne Gray, one of the members of the famous Sextette at the Jubilee theatre in 1906.
Noel Coward's new musical play, set in and around the equivalent of the Gaiety Theatre in 1906, revives memories of the golden Edwardian era, with its stage-door johnnies, hansom cabs, leg of mutton sleeves and lilting waltzes. Mrs. Calthrop's décor is throughout in exquisite taste.
 Phyllis Monkman and Edward Cooper, in a comedy number from "The Model Maid." 
Lord Vaynham (Griffith Jones) meets Rozanne Gray (Peggy Wood) at a party held at Liesl's house. 
 Fritzi Massary as Liesl Haren
Peggy Wood as Rozanne Gray and Griffith Jones as Lord Vaynham

The Countess of Messita (Irene Vanbrugh) calls on Rozanne to pursuade her to break off her engagement with Lord Vaynham. His commission will have to be resigned if he marries an actress, and so the lovers part, he to his regiment in India and she to a successful career as a star.

Sketches by Stanley Parker from a special supplement of 'Theatre World' June 1938
Stanley Parker's striking impressions of the stars of Operette, Noel Coward's Edwardian musical play at His Majesty's Theatre.
Irene Vanbrugh as the Countess of Messiter
  Fritzi Massary as Liesl Haren
A fanciful all-Coward glimpse of the 'Stately Homes of England' quartette
Griffith Jones as Lord Nigel Vaynham and Peggy Wood as Rozanne Gray

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