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This section contains recordings made by the original casts or artists of Noël Coward's plays.
Ace of Clubs - 2 discs - HMV C7996 & C7797 Plum Label
After The Ball - Phillips BBL7005 LP
Cavalcade - AEI
Charming, Charming & Dear Little Soldiers - Yvonne Printtemps with Heather Thatcher & Moya Nugent with Maidie Andrews HMV DA1365 10" Red Label (Conversation Piece)
Conversation Piece Finale, Act II including Melanie's Aria - Yvonne Printemps, Noël Coward & company - HMV DA1366
Dear Madam Salvador/My Horse Has Cast a Shoe/Bright Was The Day - Decca K1591 - (Pacific 1860)
English Lesson & Nevermore - Yvonne Printemps & Yvonne Printemps with Louis Haywood - HMV DA1365 (Conversation Piece)
Fumfumbolo/This Is A Night For Lovers/The Toast Music/Finale - Decca K1595 (Pacific 1860)
His Excellency Regrets/If I Were a Man/Uncle Harry - Decca K1590 - (Pacific 1860)
If Love Were All/Zigeuner - HMV B3144 10" single Plum Label 
I'll See You Again/Dear Little Café - HMV C1746 12" single Plum Label
I'll See You Again/Zigeuner - Columbia DB1870 10" single Dark Blue Label
Invitation To The Waltz/I Wish I Wasn't Such A Big Girl - Decca K1593 (Pacific 1860)
Josephine/Juvenile Delinquents - Noël Coward with the Cambridge Theatre Orchestra, and sung by the original artists, conducted by Mantovani. HMV B9946 10" single Plum Label (Ace of Clubs). 1950.
Matelot/Sigh No More - Graham Payn - Decca F8562 (Sigh No More)
Noël Coward The Great Shows - double album World Record Retrospect Series. EMI. SH179/180. 1973.
One Two Three/I Never Knew/I Saw No Shadow - Decca K1592 - (Pacific 1860)
Operette/Countess Mitzi - Fritzi Massary & Sextet and Fritzi Massary & chorus HMV B8738 10" Plum Label (Operette)
Pretty Little Bridesmaids/Mother's Lament/This Is A Changing World - Decca K1594 - (Pacific 1860)
Regency Rakes (Sidney Grammar, George Sanders, Pat Worsley & Anthony Brian) There's Always Something Fishy About the French (Heather Thatcher and Moya Nugent) HMV B8133 10" Plum Label
Shadow Play - Tonight at 8.30 - (2 parts) US by the Victor Company 36191.
The Stately Homes of England - (Operette) - Hugh French, Ross Landon, John Gatrell & Kenneth Carten - HMV B8741 10" Plum Label (Operette)
This Happy Breed The original production. Starring Noël Coward and Edna Best. Marynova Records. THB710. (This was probably repressed in the 1970s).
Tonight at 8.30 - A set of discs was made by Noël Coward, Gertrude Lawrence and the original company of Red Peppers, Shadow Play and Family Album with the Phoenix Theatre Orchestra conducted by Clifford Greenwood - HMV C2815, C2816 & C2817, 12" Plum Label
Where Are The Songs We Sung?/Dearest Love - Peggy Wood - HMV B8739 10" Plum Label (Operette)

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