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This collection of photographs and transparencies was held at the Cadogan Square, London office of Noel Coward. Since the retirement of Joan Hirst, Noel's last secretary, the collection has been scanned prior to going to the Noel Coward Special Collection at Birmingham University.These copyright photographs are listed on this page and, where highlighted or where a thumbnail impression is shown, are linked to copies of the originals. The majority of the photographs will be added to the site and made available to all browsers - others will be placed only on the Members' pages. For full access to this website we invite you to join the Society - details here!

Permission to use these photographs, either as they appear here, or in their original size must be obtained from the copyright holder.
Copyright holders - Titles and Details of Photographs

Copyright Unknown

Joyce Carey, Judy Campbell and Noel in Blithe Spirit, 1942.

Judy Campbell and Noel in Blithe Spirit, 1941.

Noel Coward.

Noel's investiture with Richard Attenborough and his son.

Noel at the Cafe de Paris.

Charlie Chaplin, Mary Martin and Noel Coward.

Horst Tappe

Noel in an Italian chair with cigarette .

Noel in Medieval chair.

Copy of Christmas card sent from Montreux

Library at Les Avants

A well fed Pug dog on Noel's lap

Noel with golf umbrella at Les Avants

Noel in smoking jacket.

Front door at Les Avants.

Famous winged effect study.

Noel full face close up - mirror image used for book cover of
updated Theatre Companion.



Library at Les Avants.

Dorothy Wilding

Noel on stage.

News and Mail

Noel in Australia in 1940.

Radio Times Hulton Picture Library

Noel with Marlene Dietrich rehearsal for 'Night of 100
Stars'.1954. Part of a larger photograph shown on the site in
the Press Collection on the Members' pages
(click here to view!)

Matthew's News and Photo Agency

Noel at Las Vegas with Zsa Zsa Gabor

Studio Pru

Noel wearing a patterned cravat.

Charles Castle

Noel in honey-coloured wingback chair.

Graham Payn

Islay Lyons

Noel in Rome on a piano stool

Noel in a basketweave chair

Portrait taken in Rome

Erling Mandelmann

Noel in the Library at Les Avants

The Les Avants workroom

Norman Parkinson

The young face of the master.

Cecil Beaton collection

Jamaica, Noel, Cecil Beaton, Natasha Wilson
and Graham Payn.



Living room, Jamaica, Noel, Natasha Wilson, Graham Payn
and servant.



Jamaica, Natasha Wilson (Jack Wilson's wife)

Jamaica, Natasha Wilson.
Jamaica, Natasha Wilson.

Jamaica, Graham Payn and Natasha Wilson.

Jamaica, Noel, Graham Payn and Natasha Wilson.

Noel, Cecil Beaton, Graham Payn and Anne Rothermere
(with thanks to John Groushko for naming Anne).



Graham and Noel with white kitten.

Noel with kitten .

Noel in front of his portrait by Cecil Beaton - with 'thin wings'


Noel near the pool at Blue Harbour.

Noel in front of his portrait by Cecil Beaton.

Noel, Graham Payn, Minnie Astor, Babe
and Bill Paley of C13S.T.V.


Jamaica, Blue Harbour, Noel serving afternoon tea.

Clemence Dane, Jamaica

Clemence Dane, Jamaica

Noel with Vivien Leigh, Kay Kendal and Lauren Bacall

Jamaican Government photo Noel sitting on an air bed on beach.

Bea Lillie in Jamaica and Jamaican child

Bea Lillie in Jamaica

Jamaica, Noel with Joyce Carey and Graham Payn

Roloff Beny

1964 Rome 1

1964 Rome 2

1964 Rome 3

1964 Rome 4

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