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Roddy McDowall

Noel in mirror corner .

Noel in small armed chair.

Mae West and Cary Grant with Noel in 1932

David Niven with two small persons in Jamaica.

Heavy crowd greeting Noel in Durban, South Africa.

Pictorial Press

Noel and Marlene Dietrich with a young Johnny Morris.
This is not the Johnny Morris who became a noted radio and television presenter of animal programmes who died in 1999.

Noel being escorted up a path by two young girls trip to
the Silverlands Actors' Orphanage.
Noel was president from 1934 - 1956

Full group on the steps of the Actors' orphanage.

Maurice Beck, Macgregor

Young Noel piano study.

Alan Warren

Noel relaxing with a cigarette and a large drink.


Cartoon by Haselden commenting ironically on the amount
of planning time that must have been required to produce



Noel playing piano in 1925 - with 'When You and I Were Seventeen'



Sport and General

Noel at Waterloo Station after sea voyage on 3rd May 1937.


Noel at Sharon Cazalets Wedding with the Queen Mother


The Tony Awards New York 1970
Noel, Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontaine


Light shirt and pencil to chin, a younger Noel

Gladys Calthrope and Noel

Associated Newspapers

Vivien Leigh and Noel boarding a ship for an evening.

Photo Coverage

Joe Mitchenson and Raymond Mander with Noel and
Theatrical Companion to Noel Coward


Noel on his own with book.


Mr.L.A.Rank, Mrs. Coward Noel's Mother, Mrs. L.A.Rank at a
Gala performance of 'This Happy Breed' at the Gaumont
Theatre, Haymarket in aid of the Actor's Orphanage.

Mrs. Coward, Lawrence Olivier and Vivien Leigh at a Gala
performance of 'This Happy Breed' at the Gaumont Theatre,
Haymarket in aid of the Actor's Orphanage.


Evening Argus Brighton

Hong Kong, April 1968, Noel sounding the midday gun.

Ben Wilson

Cole Lesley

Noel with carnation

Noel at Goldenhurst with cigarette smoke rising.

Derek Hill


Edward Seago




Richard Combray

Noel on garden seat



Page from Pix Magazine containing article on a troop concert
given by Noel - The following pictures are all enlargements from
this page



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