Bill Agnew, known as Uncle Bill locally, lives in Galina, a small village in St. Mary, Jamaica. A few years ago he started a community web site, which now includes every point of interest in the immediate area. This include Blue Harbour and Firefly, Noël Cowards two homes in Jamaica. He has spent a long time researching the life of Noël Coward and companions in respect of the time they spent in Jamaica. This has included talking to people who worked for him and the current owner of Blue Harbour, Mike Gleeson. One of his intentions in operating the web site is to maintain a living history of the area He is very keen to get as much detailed information as possible about the lives of individuals and communities who lived here.

The historical pages on his site are fascinating. The pages that concern the history of Blue Harbour and Firefly can be found at:

Blue Harbour , Firefly

He and others in his community, would greatly appreciate any assistance anyone can give in compiling these histories.

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