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Shown here are pictures and descriptions of places where Noël Coward lived or stayed, together with links, where they exist. Text in italics, added to extracts, are by the webauthor. Click on a place to see pictures and details.
Waldegrave Road , Gerald Road , Blythe Hall , Goldenhurst , White Cliffs , Paris Ebury Street , Firefly and Coward Statue

These photographs of 131 Waldegrave Road in Teddington, Middlesex, England (birthplace of Noël Coward) were kindly supplied by Alan Rolph.


  111, Ebury Street, Belgravia where Noel Coward lived from 1917 to 1930.
This is now the Noel Coward Hotel and looks like this:
Their web site is:
'The Studio' at 17, Gerald Road, Belgravia, London. Coward moved to Gerald Road in 1930 and kept it until the early 1950's and also obtained the lease of 1, Burton Mews that backed on to it which contained an office for Lorne Lorraine, a kitchen and rooms for staff and a garage beneath.
"The Gerald Road house with its theatrical Syrie Maugham decor, all sheepskin rugs, zebra-print cushions and limed Louis Quinze furniture, a dramatic set-piece for glittering parties described by Vogue as 'in the enlightened tradition, all very white and witty' - although the next morning Coward complained of tonic bottle caps stamped into the floor along with cigarette butts; like Sir Elton John (perhaps the nearest modern equivalent to Coward), he wasn't above plumping up the cushions before breakfast."
Philip Hoare - 'Programme - Present Laughter - Maddermarket, Norwich'
 Noël Coward and Lorn Lorraine at Gerald Road

It was said by Beverly Nichols that Parisian Pierrot was written at Blythe Hall. 'Blythe Hall, Ormskirk - the home of The Earl of (Ned) Lathom who was a patron and friend of Noël Coward in the 1920's. The third Earl of Lathom was very interested in the theatre, a passion he inherited from his mother. He entertained his friends of the theatre and high society at Blythe, amongst whom were the following: Ivor Novello, Noël Coward, the designer Oliver Messel, Gladys Cooper, Marie Tempest, Mrs. Patrick Campbell and many others. Ned Lathom wrote plays some of which were so immoral that the censor would not allow them to be put on the London stage. So Ned put them on at the Lathom Club (in the grounds of Lathom House - a neighbouring property owner by the Earl ), not at Blythe Hall. As to the transport of these actors, they came from London in ordinary service trains to Lime Street Station, Liverpool, where they were met by a few Rolls Royces and brought to Lathom. Some would stay at Blythe Hall and some stayed at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool.'

Extract from ' Burscough The Story of an Agricultural Village' by Ernest Rosbottom ISBN 1-85936-022-X.

Ned Lathom died at the age of 35 in 1930 after moving to London in 1924 following the diagnosis of tuberculosis.

See Present Indicative for references to Ned Latham (sic) pgs. 142, 175, (Ned Lathom's 'gift' of £200 saves the Coward family from the brokers), 187-189 , 193, 195, 197, 220, 300.

Blyth Hall, Ormskirk

Goldenhurst Farm, Aldington, Kent was originally let to Coward who later bought it. As Cole Lesley says, "By this time Noel had bought and transformed it, together with the surrounding 139 acres; the land Noel had so little dreamed would one day be his when he gazed out across it from Aldington Knoll, across to the miles of low-lying Marsh beyond, some of it below sea level so that the distant sea looked high up in the sky. Lights on the French coast twinkled on clear nights like stars in a straight line, and far off to the right Dungeness lighthouse flashed its beams. The greater part of the property was leased out as a working farm and pasture-land except for a pretty bluebell wood ..." Cole Lesley - 'The Life of Noel Coward'
Goldenhurst Farm, Aldington, Kent
 The Studio,Goldenhurst Farm, Aldington, Kent

White Cliffs at St. Margaret's Bay near Dover, Kent, where Coward lived while Goldenhurst recovered from its wartime occupation by the army.

"White Cliffs, which was dramatically placed at the very end of the long, seaweed-strewn beach at St. Margaret's Bay, Dover. The white cliffs rose perpendicular to an immense height close by Noel's bedroom, the end wall of which was either lapped or bashed by the English Channel according to its whim. It was an exciting house in which to live and Noel loved the drama of it all, his especial pleasure being to watch the never-ending, ever-changing traffic of the Channel from his bed. Seagulls would fly into his room and be stupidly unable to find their way out again: one large gull spent the night mostly on Noel's head, the only perch on which it consented to fold its wings. It walked slowly out of the French windows next morning exhausted - though not as exhausted as Noel, who maintained he heard it telling its friends, 'You've no idea what I've been through!'"
From: 'Noel Coward and His Friends' by Cole Lesley, Graham Payn & Sheridan Morley
White Cliffs
Noel Coward's living room at 22, Place Vendome, Paris at the beginning of WW2. This painting is by Catherine Serebriakoff.
22, Place Vendome, Paris
Photographs of Angela Conner's statue of Noel Coward at Firefly, Jamaica.Taken March 2000.
Firefly, Jamaica - the view that Coward enjoyed so much
viewed again by his statue.
All photographs are formatted at 75 dpi for inclusion on this website.
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