Record Company - Phillips BBL7005 LP
An LP with the original artists, with orchestra conducted by Philip Martell. 
Part 1:
Oh What a Century It's Been - Chorus
I Knew That You Would Be My Love - Vanessa Lee & Peter Graves
Mr. Hopper's Chanty - Graham Payn, Dennis Bowen & Tom Gill
Sweet Day - Vanessa Lee
(Quartet) Oh What a Century - Lois Green, Pam Marmont, Dennis Bowen & Tom Gill
Creme de la Creme - Chorus
Light Is The Heart - Mary Ellis
Why Is It The Woman Who Pays? - Chorus
Part 2:
London At Night - Chorus
Aria - Vanessa Lee
May I Have The Pleasure? - Graham Payn & Irene Browne
All My Life Ago - Mary Ellis
Faraway Land - Graham Payn & Patricia Cree
Something On A Tray - Irene Browne, Betty Felstead, Anna Halinka & Ailsa Gamley
Clear Bright Morning - Vanessa Lee
Reprise - London At Night - Chorus

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