BITTER-SWEET with Adele Leigh and James Pease
Record Company: TP80

A show without a love-song is as rare as a Dodo. Bitter Sweet is all love songs. From the time it was first produced at His Majesty's in July 1929, young lovers, errand boys and every dance band in the world have been haunted by its music. Few musicals have produced so many tunes that are so well remembering. Fewer still have shot their composers to such lasting fame. Here, on this record, the husband and wife team of James Pease and Adele Leigh, sing the music created-and so often sung -by Noel Coward. It is not difficult to imagine, watching Coward today, as he crouches over a microphone in a night club singing breathlessly 'I'll See You Again,' the effect it must have had when it was heard for the first time in a Britain slowly recovering from the Depression.

It is not difficult to understand, either, why tunes like 'Tokay,' 'Dear Little Café' and 'Zigeuner' forced a revival of Bitter Sweet at the Lyceum less than two years after it first opened. It is not difficult either to realise why, on some wavelength, from some radio station in the world, the music of Bitter Sweet will be a part of the day's programme.
1. Overture:
I'll See You Again
The Call of Life
2. If You Could Only Come With Me
3. I'll See You Again
4. What Is Love?
5. Ladies of the Town
6. If Love Were All
7. Dear Little Café
8. Tokay
9. Bonne Nuit, Merci
10. Kiss Me
11. Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom
12. Green Carnations
13. Zigeuner
14. Finale:
Ladies of the Town
Dear Little Café
I'll See You Again

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