Record Company: ASV Living Era
1. Noel Coward Medley: Intro: Parisian Pierrot/Poor Little Rich Girl/A Room With A View/Dance...
2. Mary Make-Believe
3. Lorelei
4. World Weary
5. The Dream Is Over
6. 'Private Lives' Scene From Act 1: Someday I'll Find You
7. 'Private Lives' Scenes From Act 2: Intro: I Never Realised/If You Were The Only Girl In The World...
8. Lover Of My Dreams
9. Mad Dogs And Englishmen
10. Let's Say Goodbye
11. 'Shadow Play' Scene, Intro 'Then' And 'Play, Orchestra, Play'
12. We Were Dancing
13. I Travel Alone
14. Most Of Ev'ry Day
15. The Stately Homes Of England
16. Where Are The Songs We Sung?
17. Dearest Love
18. Mrs. Worthington
19. London Pride
20. Could You Please Oblige With A Bren Gun?
21. Imagine The Duchess's Feelings
22. I'll See You Again

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