Noel Coward, with Leo Reisman and his orchestra, in a program of Noel Coward songs.
Record Company: RCA Victor 39002-A Limited edition:
Under the direction of Leo Reisman. (Included also in the HMV boxed edition of all Noel's records). When shown to Noel by a friend, he asked Coley if they had one. Coley wasn't sure. The Master's reply? "So fucking limited we don't have a copy!"
Side A:
Tokay - Orchestra
World Weary - Noel Coward
Caballero - Orchestra
Green Carnations - Noel Coward
I'll see you again - Orchestra
Side B:
Poor little rich girl - Orchestra
Zigeuner - Noel Coward
Dear little cafe - Orchestra
Call of life - Noel Coward
Ladies of the town - Orchestra

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