Record Company: Flapper - PASTCD7080
Composer: Noel Coward, with Noel Coward, Gertrude Lawrence, et al.
London Palladium Orchestra, conducted by Clifford Greenwood, Phillip Braham, et al.
1. Mrs Worthington
2. Parisian Pierrot
3. There's life in the old girl yet
4. Poor little rich girl
5. I'll see you again
6. If love were all
7. Zigeuner
8. Room with a view
9. Dance little lady
10. I'll follow my secret heart
11. Regency rakes
12. There's always something fishy about the french
13. Has anybody seen our ship
14. You were there
15. Some day I'll find you
16. Dearest love
17. Stately homes of England
18. London pride
19. Any little fish
20. Mad about the boy
21. Mad dogs and englishmen
22. Party's over now

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