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 ***** (Five Stars) - Los Angeles Magazine ... "Listening to the wonderfully talented Elliott read this story is like having a hugely entertaining film unfold inside your head." This title tale from Noel Coward's anthology of the same name, is a hilarious account of the battle of egos that accompanies the launching of a new play. The author's justly famous wit and subtle satire are showcased in this delightful story, which many consider his best. As an extra bonus, Cassette 2 includes another story of the theater, "Travellers Joy." Star Quality stories were recently aired on TV's "Masterpiece Theater." "Highly recommended!" - Library Journal.

Denholm Elliott is familiar to movie and theater-goers for his fine and diversified performances. Widely recognised for his recent role as the butler in the movie Trading Places, Elliott is most respected as one of the preeminent actors on the British stage.


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