Record Company: (1965 remastered 1999) EMI - various artists).
Many Years ago, whilst I was still at school, my grandfather took me to an East End theatre, The Stratford Empire, to see my first musical show. I was born with a love of show business but I am sure that this magical evening was the start of my dedication to the theatre. The musical was Noel Coward's 'Bitter -Sweet'. I thought it was the most wonderful evening I had ever known and although I have seen hundreds of musical shows since then, the first time always creates a lasting impression and I have never forgotten the tenderness of the love story, the enhancement of the music and the performances. For me, if Noel Coward had never written anything else, this work would have been a milestone of theatre. But of course, and happily, he has written many, many works and there are few people that would argue that he is undoubtedly the greatest talent of our time. There seems to be nothing that he cannot do he is a great writer, a great director, a superb actor, cabaret artiste, and author of short stories and novels, a tremendous wit, a film, producer, and, not satisfied with these accomplishments, he is also a painter. One could write for ever of his films, his plays, his performances, but this record is produced to present a handful of his songs. I have always wanted to make an LP of Noel Coward songs, but there are so many and to shortlist them for the the limited time I had available was very difficult. They represent only a small fraction of the composing talent of Noel Coward, but 1 sincerely hope that this LP will be so popular that it will allow me to make many more albums of Noel Coward's work. I had the great privilege of working with Mr. Coward a few years ago when he recorded a series of albums. He was a marvellous person to work with, a perfectionist and a great human being. I was thrilled to record with him and get to know him personally. Since then, I have recorded two of his shows,'Sail Away'and 'After The Ball', and produced the album of 'Bitter-Sweet'- a previous HMV LP.
Most of his friends refer to him as the Master, and the master of show-business he most certainly is. My admiration for him goes beyond words and I sincerely hope he will continue for many years giving the world the great happiness and entertainment that is now a part of our lives. Norman Newell
Product Co-ordinator Robert Owen. Digitally remastered by Simon Gibson Special Thanks to: Tris Penna, Mrs. Muffett, Luey Jordache, Ciara Nolan & Robert Owen. All songs composed by Noel Coward Published by Warner Chappell Music Produced by Norman Newell Originally 51965 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by EMI Records Ltd. Digital remaster 01999 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by EMI Records Ltd. @ 1999 EMI Records Ltd This label copy information is subject of copyright protection. All Rights Reserved. @ 1999 EMI Records Ltd, Design by The Red Room.
1. Overture
2. Dearest Love* - June Bronhill
3. Mad Dogs and Englishmen*
Kenneth Williams
4. Mad About the Boy
Cleo Laine
5. A Room With a View
Dickie Henderson
6. If Love Were All*
Joyce Grenfell
7. I'll See You Again (Duet)*
June Bronhill, with James Hawthorne
8. Someday I'll Find You*
June Bronhill
9. Mrs. Worthington*
Kenneth Williams
10. Matelot
Cleo Laine
11. Stately Homes of England*
Lissa Gray Singers
12. You Were There*
June Bronhill
13. Nina
Dickie Henderson
14. The Party's Over Now*
Joyce Grenfell
15. Finale*
June Bronhill

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