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Quote from 'Theatre Record' on critics and reviews. "The first night is the bane of a newspaper's critics existence. Never mind the element of glamour and the occasional complimentary glass of warm white wine involved - first nights provide not time or place to make a reasoned judgement. Being herded into the best stalls amid the rest of one's journalistic brethren, several of whom can be relied on to broadcast their views in the interval, is no stimulus to objectivity; and the performance you see is most likely to be only a nervous, under-rehearsed version of something that will probably be 10 times more confident the following evening. So it is hardly surprising that, time and time again, critics get it wrong."
Rupert Christiansen, Sunday Telegraph 11.6.00 (reviewng 'First Nights:Five Musical Premieres by Thomas Kelly: Yale £16.50)


Present Laughter 18 Sep 24 Oct 2000  Bailiwick Theatre, Chicago
Chris Jones
Bitter-Sweet 14 -16 Sep 2000
Norfolk Opera Players at The Norwich Playhouse.
John Knowles
Waiting in the Wings
Link to review of Waiting in the Wings Aisle New York
Relative Values 25 Jun 2000
Cinemas - General Release
The Scotsman
The Independent on Sunday
Daily Telegraph
Sunday Times
The Independent
Private Lives  23 Jun 2000
Stephen Joseph Theatre Scarborough
Patrick Marinion London Evening Standard
Present Laughter 23 Jun 2000
Birmingham Rep.
Volcano 5 May 2000
Palace Theatre Westcliff
Patrick Marinion London Evening Standard
Volcano 6 May 2000
Palace Theatre Westcliff
Michael Billington - Guardian
Volcano 27 Apr 2000
Palace Theatre Westcliff
Philip Hoare - Independent on Sunday
Volcano 27 Apr 2000
Palace Theatre Westcliff
Web Author
The Master's Voice
14 Apr 2000
Maddermarket Theatre
Web Author
Suite in Two Keys
Link to criticism on Curtains Up Site: Curtains Up!
Brief Encounter
Mar 2000
Theatre Royal Windsor
Web Author
Blithe Spirit 
8 -19 Feb 2000 
Mercury Theatre, Colchester
Present Laughter
Feb 2000
Maddermarket Theatre
Eastern Evening News
Song at Twilight
Jan 1999
King's Head/Gielgud Theatre
The Independent
26 Nov -18 Dec 1999 Guardian
Ace of Clubs
8 Jul 1950 Maurice Wiltshire

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