Although he did not read or write music he 'wrote' hundreds of songs and scores and had a deft piano-playing style that provided adequate accompaniment for himself and others whether for plays and revues or at parties and weekends away. Numbered amongst those noted for their role as his emanuensis were Robb Stewart, Norman Hackforth and Peter Matz.
The Songs, Music and Lyrics of Noel Coward can be found in: The Lyrics of Noel Coward by Noel Coward (1965, Methuen ISBN:0413543102); Noel Coward - The Complete Lyrics, Edited and Annotated by Barry Day (1998 Methuen ISBN: 0413732304); and The Noel Coward Song Book by Noel Coward (1953 Michael Joseph) 
There are over 400 songs - listed alphabetically with approximate dates of writing. Where only the lyrics or music are Cowards, this is shown.
A RETURN After Dinner Music Alice Is At It Again
Alas the Time Is Past All My Life Ago All The Fun of the Farm
All Things Bright and Beautiful Always Be Nice to Father Always Be Nice to the Gentlemen
Anna the Auctioneer Any Little Fish As Long As You Love Me  a  Little
 B RETURN Baby's Bottle Back to Nature
Breaking It Gently (1923) Ballet Announcement Beatnik Love Affair
Bertha From Balham Bertie From the Bath Club Blue Lanterns
Bonne Nuit, Merci Bright Was The Day Bright Young People
Britannia Rules the Waves Bronxville Darby and Joan Bubbles
Bunch, Bunch Bygone Days  ...
 C RETURN Caballero Carrie Was a Careful Girl
Could You Please Oblige Us  With a Bren  Gun Call of Life Champagne
Charming Charming Chase Me Charlie Chauve-Souris
Children of the Ritz Choirboy's Song Church Parade
Cinderella Song City Clear Bright Morning
Cocktail Chorus Come a Little Closer Come Back to the Island
Come Be My True Love Come the Wild, Wild Heather Come To Me
Coronation Chorale Corsets Cosmopolitan Lady
Couldn't We Keep On  Dancing Countess Mitzi Creme de la Creme
Crissa Cross Your Heart Curt, Clear and Concise
Cycling Home    
D RETURN Damn Good Show Dear Friends Forgive Me, Pray
Dance Little Lady Don't Lets Be Beastly to the  Germans Dearest Love
Dear Little Cafe Devon (1923) Dear Little Soldiers
Dear Madame Salvador Deep In The Heart of Texas Don't Let Father See The Frescoes
Don't Make Fun of the  Fair Don't Take Our Charlie For  The  Army Don't Turn Away From Love
Down With The Whole  Darn  Lot Dream Girl Dream Your Dream Again
Dream of Youth, A    
Dreams Drinking Song Duke of York's
E RETURN Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo Eldorado
Elizabeth May English Lido Even Clergymen Are Naughty
Evening Is Summer Evermore And A Day Everybody Says That I'm A  Chatterbox
Everybody's Jazzing Mad    
F RETURN Fairyland Family Dirge
Follow a Star (1923) Family Grace Faraway Land
Farewell Song First Love Fresh as a Daisy
Foolish Virgins (1931) Foolish Virgins Footmen Quartette
For You I'm Pining Forbidden Fruit (Its the Peach) Fortune Telling Duet
Fragonhard Impression, A    
Free Speech French Songs (Paris et Toi)  Fumfumbolo
G RETURN Ginger Up Girl I Am Leaving In England
Green Carnation (We All Wore a) Gipsy Melody Give Me The Kingston Bypass
Go I Beg You, Go Go Slow, Johnny Goldeneye Calypso
Gondola On The Rhine, A Good Evening, Lady Windermere  Goodbye, Old Friend
H RETURN He Never Did That To Me Heavenly Moment
Has Anybody Seen Our  Ship? Half-caste Woman Here's a Toast
Hearts and Flowers Here And Now Here In The Summertime
Hey Nonny No His Excellency Regrets Home
Home Again Housemaid's Knee How Do You Do Middle  Age?
I RETURN I Always Wanted To Be True To You I Am No Good At Love
I'll See You Again I'll Follow My Secret Heart I Travel Alone
I Wonder What Happened  to  Him Imagine The Duchesses Feelings If Love Were All
In a Bar on the Piccola  Marina If You Could Once Come With  Me I'd Like to See You Try  (1922)
Its The Peach (1922) I Can't Think I Dreamed You
I Gave My Heart Away I Knew That You Would Be My Love I Like America
I Live In A World Of My Own I Love My Babies Best I Mustn't Say That
I Never Knew I Offer You My Heart I Remember
I Saw No Shadow I Take The High Road I Travel Alone
I Want A Man About The House I Wanted To Show You Paris I Wish I Wasn't Quite Such A  Big Girl
I'd Like To See You Try I'd Never Never Know I'll Remember Her
I'm A Lonely Man I'm A Spy I'm Not A Fool As A Rule
I'm Not That Kind Of  Girl I'm So In Love I've Been Invited To A Party
I've Been To A  Marvellous Party If I Were A Man If Only A Girl Could Be Sure
If Only Mrs. Applejohn  Were Here If We'd Met If You Could Only Come With Me
In A Boat, On A Lake Invitation To The Waltz Irish Song
Is She Happy? Island Of Bollamazoo Isn't There Any Little Thing
It Doesn't Matter How  Old You Are It Isn't What You Do It Was Horrid
It's Always The Man That's Pursued It's Only Me I'm Mad About You
I'm So Weary Of It All    
J RETURN Japanese Love Song Japanese Spies
Je T'aime Jessie Hooper Josephine
Journée Heureuse Journey's End Just People
K RETURN Ka Tahua Kiss Me
Kleine Puchen    
L RETURN Lady Lady From Vienna
Lorelei Let's Do It Lover of My Dreams
Let's Say Goodbye London Pride Ladies of the Town
Let's Play a Tune on the  Music Box Loch Lomond (own version) Lady Windemere's Aria
Ladybird Land, Sea And Air Last Wednesday On The Piazza
Later Than Spring Let My Dreams Return Let's Be Sincere
Let's Have One More Try Let's Live Dangerously Let's Say Goodbye
Letter Song Life In The Morning Life Without Love
Light Is The Heart Lilac Time Lilies Of The Valley
Listen To Me Little Bundle Of Dreams Little Café
Little French Lady Little Girl Little Lacquer Lady
Little Ones' ABC Little Slut Of Six Little Women
London At Night London Is A Little Bit Of All Right Lonely
Long Ago Long Live The Bourgeoisie Long Live The King (If He Can)
Louisa Louise Love A Little
Love And War Love, Life And Laughter  
M RETURN Mad About The Boy Madeleine
Melanie's Aria Men About Town Mrs. Worthington
Most of Every Day Matelot Mad Dogs & Englishmen
Mary Make Believe Maggie Make Way For Their Excellences
Marriage Is A Fatal Curse Marriage Is The Game For  Me Mary Make-Believe
Matador Maudie Maudie Golightly
May I Have The Pleasure Melanie's Aria Meme Les Anges
Memories Mexico Midnight Matinée
Mirabelle Waltz Miss Mouse Morganatic Love
Mother And Daughter Mother's Complaint Mother's Lament
Mother's And Wives Mr. Hopper's Chanty Mrs 'Arris
Music Box Musical Memories My Dear Miss Dale
My (Shady) Family Tree My Horse Has A Cast Shoe My Kind Of Man
N RETURN Never Again Nevermore
Nina Nineteen Hundred And Six Ninety Minutes Is A Long, Long Time
No More Nothing Can Last For Ever Now I'm A Widow
O RETURN Office Hours Officer's Chorus
Oh, Baby Oh, Mr. Kaiser Oh What A Century It's Been
Oh What A Season This  Has Been Old Scottish Air Old Story
One Fine Day One, Two, Three Opening Chorus (Cochran's  1931 Revue)
Opening Chorus (Operette) Opening Chorus (This Year  Of Grace) Operette
 Other Girls Over The Hill  
P RETURN Paddy McNeil And His Automobile Park Your Fanny Blues
Play, Orchestra Play Parisian Pierrot (1923) Poor Little Rich Girl
Peter Pan (Lyrics) 1918 Patterson Pennsylvania Planters' Wives
Play The Game Pom - Pom Poor Little Lady In The Throes Of Love
Portrait Of A Lady Prenez Garde, Lisette Pretty Little Bridesmaids
Pretty White Dove Prices And Princesses Prologue Act 1 Operette
Prologue Act 2 Operette Prologue Act 1 Conversation Piece Prologue Act 2 Conversation  Piece
Put Not Your Trust In Princes Put Out My Shooting Suit,  Waters  
R RETURN Raspberry Time In Runcorn Regency Rakes
Ribbon In Her Hair, A Room With a View, A   Russian Blues (1923)
Roses Have Made Me    
Rug Of Persia
S RETURN Sail Away Satsiama
Someday I'll Find You Something To Do With The  Spring Sentiment (Lyrics - 1923)
Saturday Night Saturday Night At The Rose Sentiment
Shake Your Feet She Shall Have Music She Was A Good Girl Then
Sigh No More Sing For Joy Sir Or Ma'am
Soliloquies Something About A Sailor Something On A Tray
Something To Do With  Spring Something Very Strange Sometimes When I'm Weary
Song Of The Rice Grove Spanish Grandee Specially For You
Spinsters' Quartette Spinster Quartette Stay On The Side Of The Angels
Suburbia Sunday Afternoon Sunshine Susie
Sweet Day Swing Song  
T RETURN There's Life In The Old Girl  Yet There's No More To Say About Love
Tokay Twentieth Century Blues The Stately Homes of England
There Have Been Songs  in  England The Party's Over Now Try To Learn To Love
Tamarisk Town (1923) There's Life In The Old Girl Yet (1923) There's a Pixie In My Garden
The Baseball Rag The Burchells of Battersea Rise The Co-Communists
The Co-Octogenarians The Coconut Girl The Customer's Always Right
The Debutantes The Dream Is Over The English Lesson
The Girl With The Dull Brown Eye The Girls of the C.I.V. The Hall of Fame
The Last Dance The Lido Beach The Merry Wives Of Windsor
The Parting Of The Ways The Party's Going With A  Swing The Party's Over Now
The Passenger's Always  Right The Saggy Boo The Silken Cord
The Society The Spinning Song The Story Of Peter Pan
The Sun, The Moon And You Taking After Dear Old Dad Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay
Tell Me, What Is Love? Te Quiero Teach Me To Dance Like Grandma
Tell Me If You Knew Temperamental Honeymoon That Girl's You
That Is The End Of The  News That It Is The Time To Go That Was Before Your Day
That Wonderful Melody That'll Be Very Useful Later  On  Then
There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner There Are Good Times Coming There Have Been Songs In England
There May Be Days There Was Once A Little Village There Will Always Be
There's Always Something Fishy About  The French This Could Be True This Is A Changing World
This Is A Night For Lovers This Is The Night This Moment
This Time It's True Love This Year, Next Year This Year Of Grace - Finale
Three Juvenile Delinquents Three Theatrical Dames Three White Feathers
Time And Again Time, Gentlemen Please Time Will Tell
Together With Music Top Of The Morning The Touch Of A Woman's Hand
Touring Days Travel In A Train With Me Try To Learn To Love
Twilight The Vicarage Dance The Walla Walla Boola
The Water Lily Pond The Wife Of An Acrobat The Younger Generation
U RETURN Ursuline Useless Useful Phrases
Uncle Harry    
V RETURN Violet Seller's Song Violets
W RETURN Wait A Bit, Joe  Wait For Me
Where Are The Songs We  Sung World Weary We Were Dancing
When My Ship Comes  Home (1923) What Love Means (1923) Waiting In A Queue
Waiting In The Wings Waltzing We Are Living In A Changing  World
We Live Our Lives In City Street We Must All Be Very Kind  To Aunty Jesse We'll Always Sigh
We've Got The Country  At The Corner Of The  Street Wedding Toast Welcome To Pootzie Van Doyle
What A Saucy Girl What Can It Mean? What Has Happened To Charles?
What Ho, Mrs. Brisket What Is To Become Of The Children What Love Means To Girls Like Me
What's Going To Happen To The Tots? What's The Matter With A  Nice Beef Stew? When Did You First Discover You Were Different?
When Foreign Princes Come To Visit Us When The Journey's Over When We Were Girls Together
When Women Come Into Their Own When You Come Home On  Leave When You Want Me
Where Are The Songs We Sung? Where Shall I Find Him? Why Am I Always Alone?
Why Do The Wrong People Travel? Why Does Love Get In The  Way? Why Is It The Woman Who  Pays?
Why Must The Show Go On? Willy Woman Of The World
Would You Like To Stick A Pin In My Balloon    
Y RETURN Yasni Koskolai Yodelling Song
You Were There  You And I You And You Alone
You're A Long, Long Way From America You've Gone Away You've Got A Little Piece Of  Love In Your Heart

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