The following has been sent by Pamela Weston about the Sweet Potato production that was staged in 1968 at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre

It opened on Sunday, September 29, 1968. Details from the Theatre World are as follows:

Bonnie Schon, George Grizzard, Dorothy Louden, Arthur Mitchell, Carole Shelley, Tom Kneebone

Robert L. Steele presents:

Noel Coward's
Sweet Potato

Words and Music, Noel Coward; From a conception by Roderick Cook; Directed and Choreographed by Lee Theodore; Settings, Helen Pond, Herbert Senn; Costumes, David Tosey; Lighting, Peter Hunt; Musical Supervision and Araangements, Fred Werner; Musical Direction and Vocal Arrangements, Charles Schneider; Haute Couture, Baba; Co-Choreiographer, Robert Tucker; Production Supervisor, Robert Linden; Material assembled and adapted by Roderick Cook and Lee Theodore; Assitant Choreographer, Vito Durante; Produced in association with Erani Corporation.

George Grizzard
Carole Shelley
Tome Kneebone
Ian Tucker
Stephen Reinhardt
Dorothy Loudon *
Arthur Mitchell
Bonnie Schon
Robert Lupone

Standby: Judd Jones

* Succeeded by Mary Louise Wilson on November 1st, 1968

ACT 1: "A beginning," "Useful Phrases," "Dance Little Lady," "Mad Do0gs and Englishmen," "World Weary," A Bar on the Piccola Marina," "Literature," "Why Does Love Get In The Way?," "Men About Town," "Matelot," "Eve," "Consecutive Fifths," "Mad About the Boy," "I Wonder What happened to Him?," "Karate," "A Room With a View," "Waltzes," "I Like America."

ACT 2: "Let's Do It," "Three White Feathers," "Don't Put Youyr Daughter on The Stage, Mrs. Worthington," "Headless Dance," "Alic," "Social grace," "Sweet Potato," Party Chat," " If Love Were All," " Sex Talk," £ Sunset in Samolo," Teach Me To Dance Like Grandma," " Boy Actor," " An Ending."

A Revue in two acts

General Company Manager: David Lawlor
Press: John Springer Associates, Louise Weiner
Stage Manager: Charles Gray

Closed October 12th, 1968 (17 performances and 20 previews) Re-opened at the Booth Theatre on Friday, November 1st and closed November 23, 1968 after 36 additional performances

L to R: George Grizzard and Dorothy Loudon

L to R:George Grizzard and Tome Kneebone

Photographs by Bert Andrews and Friedman-Abeles

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