Coward's verse is contained in the "Collected Verse" edited by Graham Payn and Martin Tickner (1984 - Methuen). In this book they are grouped under the headings: Love, Life, Death, Friends, Others, Theatrical, Musical, War, Peace, Travel and Travellers.
Titles of Verse - in alphabetical order

(*indicates a verse published in Not Yet The Dodo - London and New York, 1967)

Advice from a Lady Who Has Visited the Island Before (Thoughts on Corsica)
Any Part of Piggy*
The Ballad of Graham Greene
The Bandit (Thoughts on Corsica)
The Battle of Britain Dinner, New York, 1963
Bora Bora*
The Boy Actor*
Calvi (Thoughts on Corsica)
Canton Island
Descriptive (Thoughts on Corsica)
Do 1 Believe*
Epitaph for an Elderly Actress*
Father and Son
From One Chap to Another
Go to Malta Little Girl
Goldeneye Calypso
Goldeneye Opus No 2
The Great Awakening
Happy New Year
Honeymoon, 1905*
Hotel Napoleon Bonaparte, Ile Rousse (Thoughts on Corsica)
I am No Good at Love* I
I Knew You Without Enchantment
If I Should Ever Wantonly Destroy
I'm Here for a Short Visit Only*
In Masculine Homage
Irene Vanbrugh Memorial Matinee: The Epilogue*
I've just Come Out from England
Jeanesse Dorée
The Lady at the Party
Let These People Go
Letter from the Seaside 1880*
Lie in the Dark and Listen
Lines to a Fellow Passenger
Lines to a Little God
Lines to an American Officer
Lines to a Remote Garrison
Morning Glory*
'Morning Glory' (Daily Mail)
Mrs Mallory*
Not Yet the Dodo*
Notes on an Admiral's Hangover
Nothing is Lost*
Oh Dear
On Leaving England for the First Time
Onward Christian Soldiers
Open Letter to a Mayor
Opera Notes*
P & 0 1930*
Personal Note
Personal Reminiscence*
Pleasure Cruise
Political Hostess
A Question of Values*
Quiet Old Timers
The Quinta Bates
Social Grace*
Sonnet to a Hermit Crab
This is to Let You Know
Thoughts on Corsica
To L. R-M.
To Mary MacArthur
To Meg Titheradge
To Mr James Agate
Tribute to Ivor Novello
Tribute to Marlene Dietrich*
We Must Have a Speech from a Minister
What a Saucy Girl
When I Have Fears

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