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The Paintings of Noël Coward

Boat and Rocks
Red Interior
Fisherman in a Boat and Bathers
Pomp and Circumstance Cover
Blue Hills
Coastal Inlet Jamaica
Purple Hills
People on the Quay Jamaica
Tropical Coastline
The Picnic
A Village in the Hills
Junction Road Jamaica
Red Roof
Bathers on a Jetty Jamaica
Coastal Village in Jamaica
Market Scene
Loading a Cargo Ship
Jamaican Bay
Under a Palm Tree Jamaica
Harbour (Detail)
Jamaica Road
Unloading on the Quay
The Gardener at Firefly
Boy Peeling Orange
Sortir de l'Eglise
Swimming Pool at Firefly
The Sunken Garden
View from Firefly
Two Nuns
The Harbour Portofino
The Avenue
Mediterranean Church
On a Beach in Jamaica
On the Jamaican Coast
On the Promenade
The Red Sailing-Boat
Mooring a Boat
The Sea-front
People in an Italian Street
Lady in Red
Snow Scene
Hillside Church
Purple Interior
Palm Trees and Hut (Detail)
Samolo Bay (Detail)
Fishing Boats on Beach
Palm Trees and Hut
Two Arches
Man with Towel on Beach
Mountains and Road
Sail Away
Cavalcade Painting
White Cliffs
Romney Marsh
St. Margaret's Bay
The White Cliffs of Dover
Goldenhurst Farm
Anna Pavlova
Two Men and Boat on Beach

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