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A second look at articles in Home Chat...
This section of the website is given over to a series of articles that have appeared in Home Chat. They are grouped by author to allow the reader to follow a poarticular theme or aspect of Noël Coward or the work of the Society.

Dominic Vlasto

Review of Past Perfect CD  PPCD 78150
(Feb 2004)
There Will Always Be Enough In The World For Me (June 2004)
Noël Coward's Standards (April 2006)
(There are more articles by Dominic to be placed here)

Theatre Magazines
Reprinted here are articles from various Theatre Magazines that have been reprinted in Home Chat.
'The Impeccable Skipper of Sail Away' by Richard Gehrman - Theatre Arts magazine 1961


Peter Dominic Vlasto

b.12 May 1956, Cambridge, Cambs, England
Occupation: Musicologist
Education: King's College Chapel chorister 1965-69. Trinity College Cambridge 1975-78.
Author (with Alan Farley) of the 'Noel Coward Music Index'. Performer of Noel Coward works. email

Theatre Magazines