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Audio and Broadcasts
This page lists all of the recordings we hold - live broadcasts and audio files - plus news of any planned broadcasts on the BBC and other radio broadcasters. We recommend installing QuickTime or RealTime Audio to listen to these files. For PC users using MicroSoft Explorer version 5, 6 or 7 you may need to add a free 'Add-On' by going to the relevant software website.

Broadcast News
BBC Radio 4 will be devoting the last two Saturday afternoons in March 2007 to Marcy Kahan's biographical comedies about Noel Coward: On Saturday, 24th March 2007 at 2:30 p.m. there will be another chance to hear Ned Chaillet's production of Death At the Desert Inn: A Highly Probable Noel Coward Murder Mystery.  Starring Malcolm Sinclair as Coward, Eleanor Bron as Lorn Loraine, Tam Williams as Cole Lesley, Belinda Lang as Judy Garland and in what was sadly his last radio drama performance, the late William Hootkins as Baby-Face Puccini. On Saturday, 31st March 2007 at 2:30 p.m. R4 will broadcast the premiere of the fifth and final play in Marcy's quintet: Our Man in Jamaica: A Highly Probable Noel Coward Espionage Adventure. Directed by Gordon House. Starring, we hope, the usual suspects. The play is set in Jamaica 1962. The cast list includes Coward's devoted neighbour, Ian Fleming, and his devoted friend, Marlene Dietrich.
You can listen again to each play on the Web 7 days after its Saturday broadcast at www.bbc.co.uk/radio4

Audio News
Geoffrey Johnson reflected on his friendship with Noël in an address to the NCS Oxford Conference in September 2006. He was Noël's American Representative for many years and recounts their first meeting by way of introduction:
" I met him in the early sixties probably 1960 and the way I met is very interesting it was one of those chances of fate I guess you’d call it. He was doing auditions for 'Sail Away' and he’d always used a stage manager – by the way I’d started out as an actor then I drifted over to stage management  - and so the stage manager that he always used, I think he had done 'Look After Lulu' and 'Nude With Violin' for Coward and Coward was very fond of him, his name was Keene Curtis (he was also the stage manager for 1958 Broadway revival of 'Present Laughter' starring Coward). He was forty and he suddenly decided he wanted to be an actor so he joined the company APA-Phoenix (Association of Producing Artists -Phoenix Repertory Company) and started doing small roles with them (he later had an extensive career on Film and TV in major support roles and died in 2002). Anyway not to make a long story longer he could not do these show auditions. So through a mutual friend he said Geoff if you could stage manage these auditions I will try and hire you as an assistant stage manager on the show. So I said OK, fine. So I started doing these auditions – auditions with Noël Coward!"

Geoffrey Johnson reflects on his friendship with Noël Coward
Geoffrey tells his famed Greta Garbo story.

The files are offered in either QuickTime or RealAudio streamed audio format that can be heard using the FREE! QuickTime Player or the latest RealPlayer this still may cause problems for those who use dialup Internet connection as the flow of sound may be repeatedly interrupted whilst the audio is streamed to your computer.

Alan Farley's legendary annual Coward birthday broadcasts feature interviews, recordings and new interpretations of Coward's songs. The recordings opf the shows from 2004 onwards are featured here and are produced by KALW in San Francisco. A special programme on Graham Payn is also featured. Alan Farley will be rebroadcasting Sheridan Morley's "My Favorite Things" (a 'desert island discs' style programme) on Tues 6 March at 7:30pm PST. The audio file will be featured here.

Our thanks to Barry Day, Ken Starrett (Red Peppers) and Alan Farley (Coward Birthday Broadcasts) for providing the audio files.


Audio Index

NCS/Algonquin cabaret
(Recorded on a portable tape recorder - at the Oak Room, The Algonquin Hotel, NYC - December 2005 - so-so sound quality)
Jim Dale reads Fumed Oak
Mrs. Mallory
The Wife of an Acrobat
Where Are The Songs...
This Is To Let You Know
Mad About The Boy
You Were There

Drury Lane 2005

Dame Maggie Smith
Sheridan Morley

The Ivy 2006
Toast - Barry Day
Joyce Breach sings!

For more detail on interviews go to our Interview page
Ray Stanley and Noël
Coward and Garland

Graham Payn
My Life with Noël (15m)
Graham talks about his life with Noël - recorded in 1999 Noël's Centenary year.
(Edited by Barry Day)

Broadcast Plays
Red Peppers
(Noël & Gertie perform a reduced version of this classic)
Private Lives (Mercury)

Geoffrey Johnson
Remembers Noël at the Oxford Conference 2006
Geoffrey & Greta Garbo

Stephen Fry
Reads extracts from,
'Me and the Girls'
Talks about Noel

Alan Farley
Coward Birthday Broadcasts from KALW
December 2004
December 2005
December 2006
Remembering Graham Payn
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Sheridan Morley - My Favorite Things

No audio here but text copies of notable speeches.
Tony Walton


All KALW broadcasts are © KALW, San Francisco.
All recordings and texts are © The Noël Coward Estate (NC Aventales)

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