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On this page have tried to bring together all of the published works of Noël Coward and some of the notable books about him and his work. We fear that it is not complete - and there is certainly limited mention of the foreign language publications. Not all the acting editions published by Samuel French are mentioned except where they are firsts or notable publications. We have tried to include US publishers and any difference in title or version in the US - where they are known to us. I feel sure we will have missed something - so please write and let us know if you can add to the list. Please note that we have not included details of the presentation copies (usually a 100 in number) often covered in red Moroccan leather and/or in slip cases, signed and dedicated. Compiled by John Knowles, Ken Starrett, Michael Imison and Lance Salway.

POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE Heinemann,1960. Pan paperback, 1960. Methuen 1983. In the US Doubleday 1960, Dell Publishing Co., 1960 (Paperback) and E.P. Dutton, Inc., 1982 (Paperback).

TO STEP ASIDE Heinemann, 1939.
STAR QUALITY Heinemann, 1951.Pan paperback, 1953. In the US Doubleday,1951 .
PRETTY POLLY BARLOW Heinemann, 1964. In the US Doubleday, 1964
BON VOYAGE Heinemann,1967. In the US Mayflower, 1967 and Doubleday, 1968
THE COLLECTED STORIES OF NOEL COWARD This volume consists of all the stories from To Step Aside and Star Quality, with the exception of ‘The Wooden Madonna’. Heinemann, 1962.
SEVEN STORIES US Dolphin (paperback) 1983.
THE COMPLETE STORIES .Methuen, 1985 (Paperback).

PRESENT INDICATIVE Heinemann, 1937 In the US: Doubleday & Company, 1937.
FUTURE INDEFINITE Heinemann, 1954 In the US: Doubleday & Company, 1954.
AUTOBIOGRAPHY (contains ‘Present Indicative’, ‘Future Indefinite’ and 45 pages of ‘Past Conditional’) Methuen, 1986.

A WITHERED NOSEGAY (boards) Christopher’s, 1922.
(An early version of Withered Nosegay but with twice the material and includes My American Diary) .
CHELSEA BUNS (boards) Hutchinson, 1925.
SPANGLED UNICORN Hutchinson, 1932.In the US: Doubleday, Doran and Co., 1933. Howard Frisch, 1982.
A WITHERED NOSEGAY, CHELSEA BUNS, SPANGLED UNICORN Methuen, 1984. In the US: Caroll & Graf Publishing, Inc., 1987 (Paperback).
POEMS BY HERNIA WHITTLEBOT with an Appreciation by Noel Coward. Private Publication printed by John Waddington Ltd.

AUSTRALIA VISITED Heinemann, 1941.
MIDDLE EAST DIARY Heinemann 1944. In the US: Doubleday, Doran & Company, 1944.

Hutchinson, 1931.
THE NOEL COWARD SONGBOOK Michael Joseph, 1953.
THE LYRICS OF NOEL COWARD Heinemann, 1965. In the US: Tusk/Overlook, 1983 (Paperback) and Methuen, 1985 (Paperback) and Mandarin 1995
NOT YET THE DODO Heinemann, 1967. In the US Doubleday, 1968
COLLECTED VERSE Methuen, 1984.
Day, Barry (Editor): NOEL COWARD, THE COMPLETE LYRICS Methuen, 1998.
In the US: Overlook Press, 1998.

I’LL LEAVE IT TO YOU (wrappers) Samuel French, 1920.
THE RAT TRAP (cloth; no dustjacket) Ernest Benn: ‘Contemporary British Dramatists’ series, 1924.
THE YOUNG IDEA (wrappers) Samuel French, 1924. In the US: (wrappers) Samuel French, U.S., 1924.
FALLEN ANGELS (cloth; no dustjacket) (also in Paperback) Ernest Benn: ‘Contemporary British Dramatists’ series, 1924.
THE VORTEX (cloth; no dustjacket) Ernest Benn: ‘Contemporary British Dramatists’ series, 1925. In the US Harper and Bros, 1924.
HAY FEVER (cloth; no dustjacket) Ernest Benn: ‘Contemporary British Dramatists’ series, 1925. Heinemann1965. Methuen (single play), 1983. In the US: Harper, 1925
THE QUEEN WAS IN THE PARLOUR (cloth; no dustjacket) Ernest Benn: ‘Contemporary British Dramatists series, 1926.
EASY VIRTUE (cloth; no dustjacket) Ernest Benn: ‘Contemporary British Dramatists’ series, 1926. In the US Harper and Brothers, 1926
THIS WAS A MAN Secker, 1926. In the US: Harper, U.S., 1926.
SIROCCO Secker, 1927.
THE MARQUISE (cloth; no dustjacket) Ernest Benn: ‘Contemporary British Dramatists’ series, 1927.
HOME CHAT Secker, 1927.
BITTER SWEET Secker, 1929.
PRIVATE LIVES Heinemann, 1930. In the US: Doubleday & Company, 1930.
POST-MORTEM Heinemann, 1931. In the US: Doubleday & Company, 1931.
CAVALCADE Heinemann, 1932. In the US Dunlap, 1933
DESIGN FOR LIVING Heinemann, 1933. In the US: Doubleday, U.S.,1933.
POINT VALAINE Heinemann, 1935. In the US: Doubleday,1935
TONIGHT AT 8.30 (three volumes) Heinemann, 1936. (Nine plays in one vol) Heinemann 1937. In the US Doubleday,1936. Also published in a one-volume edition by Heinemann in 1937.
STAR CHAMBER. This play, originally written for Tonight at 8.30. was not included in the Heinemann editions of 1936 and 1937. In their Theatrical Companion to Coward, Raymond Mander and Joe Mitchenson state that Star Chamber “is unpublished”, and in his introduction to Collected Plays: Seven, Sheridan Morley wrongly claims that the text of Star Chamber “appears here for the first time in print”. Star Chamber was, in fact, first published in 1939 in the following volume: Rose Window: A Tribute Offered to St Bartholomew’s Hospital by Twenty-Five Authors. With a Foreword by The Lord Horder. London, William Heinemann, 1939. The book was illustrated by Anna Zinkeisen, who contributed a charming drawing of Xenia James to accompany Star Chamber. The other contributors to this fascinating collection included Vera Brittain, J.B. Priestley. Hugh Walpole, Emlyn Williams and Radclyffe Hall.
OPERETTE Heinemann, 1938.
PRESENT LAUGHTER Heinemann, 1943. In the US: Doubleday & Company, 1946.
THIS HAPPY BREED Heinemann, 1943. In the US: Samuel French, 1945 and Doubleday & Company, 1947.
BLITHE SPIRIT Heinemann,1942. In the US: Doubleday & Company, 1941 and Samuel French , 1941.
PEACE IN OUR TIME Heinemann, 1947. In the US: Doubleday & Company, 1948.
RELATIVE VALUES Heinemann, 1952.
QUADRILLE Heinemann, 1952. In the US: Doubleday & Company, 1952.
SOUTH SEA BUBBLE Heinemann, 1956.
NUDE WITH VIOLIN Heinemann,1956. In the US: Doubleday & Company, 1958.
LOOK AFTER LULU Heinemann, 1959.
WAITING IN THE WINGS Heinemann, 1960. In the US: Doubleday & Company, 1960 and Samuel French, 1960.
SUITE IN THREE KEYS Heinemann, 1966. In the US: Doubleday & Company,1967.
BRIEF ENCOUNTER Lorrimer , 1984
SEMI-MONDE Methuen, 2001.
STAR QUALITY Methuen, 2001. Adapted by Christopher Luscombe

THREE PLAYS (contains ‘The Rat Trap’, ‘The Vortex’ and ‘Fallen Angels’, with the ‘Author’s Reply to his Critics’). Ernest Benn, 1925.
THREE PLAYS, with a Preface (contains ‘Home Chat’, ‘Sirocco’ and ‘This Was a Man’)
Secker, 1928. In the US: Preface by Arnold Bennett, Doubleday, Doran & Company, 1928.
THREE PLAYS with a Preface (contains ‘Private Lives’, ‘Hay Fever’, and ‘Blithe Spirit’)
In the US: Preface by Edward Albee, Dell Publishing, 1965 (Paperback)
TONIGHT AT 8:30 - 8 GREAT PLAYS, In the US, New Avon Library, 1943 (Paperback)
BITTER-SWEET and Other Plays (also contains ‘Easy Virtue’ and ‘Hay Fever’, with a few comments on the younger dramatist by W. Somerset Maugham)
In the US: Doubleday, 1929.
PLAY PARADE Heinemann, 1934. In the US: Garden City Publishing, 1934.
SECOND PLAY PARADE (Heinemann, 1939)
CURTAIN CALLS (contains ‘Tonight at 8.30’, ‘Conversation Piece’, ‘Easy Virtue’, ‘Point Valaine’ and ‘This Was a Man’). Doubleday,U.S.,1940 and Garden City Publishing, 1941.
PLAY PARADE VOL. III Heinemann, 1950.
PLAY PARADE VOL: IV Heinemenn,1954.
Blithe Spirit, Private Lives, Hay Fever (one vol) Pan Books, 1954
PLAY PARADE VOL. V Heinemann,1958).
PLAY PARADE VOL, VI Heinemann, 1962.
Methuen produced a series of (soft-cover) anthologies of plays in 1979:
PLAYS ONE: Hay Fever, The Vortex, Fallen Angels, Easy Virtue.
PLAYS TWO: Private Lives, Bitter-Sweet, The Marquise, Post-Mortem.
PLAYS THREE: Design for Living, Cavalcade, Conversation Piece, and Hands Across the Sea, Still Life, Fumed Oak from To-night at 8.30
PLAYS FOUR: Blithe Spirit, This Happy Breed, Present Laughter, and Ways and Means, The Astonished Heart, Red Peppers from To-night at 8.30
PLAYS FIVE: Relative Values, Waiting in the Wings, Look After Lulu, Suite in Three Keys
This was reprinted in 1982 & 1985 and again, with a new introduction in 1989.
This was reprinted in 1991 and again with a new cover design in 1993.
The new cover edition was reprinted in 1994, 1995 & 1996.
A further series of play anthologies was printed in 1999 as part of
THE COWARD COLLECTION produced by Methuen to mark the Centenary of Noel Coward’s birth:
COLLECTED PLAYS ONE: Hay Fever, The Vortex, Fallen Angels, Easy Virtue.
COLLECTED PLAYS TWO: Private Lives, Bitter-Sweet, The Marquise, Post-Mortem
COLLECTED PLAYS THREE: Design for Living, Cavalcade, Conversation Piece and Hands Across the Sea, Still Life, Fumed Oak, from To-night at 8.30.
COLLECTED PLAYS FOUR: Blithe Spirit, Present Laughter, This Happy Breed, and Ways and Means, The Astonished Heart, Red Peppers, from Tonight at 8.30
COLLECTED PLAYS FIVE: Relative Values, Look After Lulu!, Waiting in the Wings, Suite in Three Keys.
COLLECTED PLAYS SIX: Semi-Monde, Point Valaine, South Sea Bubble, Nude With Violin.
COLLECTED PLAYS SEVEN: Quadrille, Peace in Our Time, and We Were Dancing, Shadow Play, Family Album, Star Chamber from Tonight at 8.30.
A further series is expected to be published in the near future.
COLLECTED PLAYS EIGHT: I’ll Leave It to You, The Young Idea, and
This Was a Man

Title (in alphabetical order)
Astonished Heart*
Bitter Sweet
Fallen Angels (revised)
Family Album *
Fumed Oak *
Hands across the Sea*
Hay Fever
Nude with Violin
Peace in our Time
Red Peppers *
Shadow Play *
Still Life *
Suite in Three Keys
Song at Twilight
Come into the Garden
Shadows of the Evening
This Happy Breed
Ways and Means *
We were Dancing *
* = from Tonight at 8.30 UK

Manvell. Roger [editor]. THREE BRITISH SCREEN PLAYS: Brief Encounter, Odd Man Out, Scott of the Antarctic. Foreword by Frank Launder. London, Methuen, 1950. The first publication of Noel Coward’s screenplay, Brief Encounter.
MASTERWORKS OF THE BRITISH CINEMA: Brief Encounter, The Third Man, Kind Hearts and Coronets, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Introduction by John Russell
Taylor. London, Lorrimer Publishing, 1974; new edition: Faber and Faber, 1990; New York, Harper and Row, 1974 (hardback and paperback).
BRIEF ENCOUNTER. London, Lorrimer Publishing, 1974; new edition, 1984.
BRIEF ENCOUNTER. Introduction by Sheridan Morley. London, Faber and Faber, 1999 (Classic Screenplays series)
THE NOEL COWARD DIARIES Weidenfield & Nicolson,1982. In the US: Little Brown & Company, 1982 and Da Capo Press, 2000 (Paperback). Papermac, 1983
REMEMBERING NOEL COWARD Friends of the USC Libraries, University of Southern California, 1981.
OH COWARD! In the US: Doubleday & Company 1974
NOEL AND GERTIE, an entertainment devised by Sheridan Morley.
Oberon Books, 1997 (Paperback).
SHORT STORIES, SHORT PLAYS AND SONGS BY NOEL COWARD, In the US: Dell Publishing 1955 (Paperback)
THE CREAM OF NOEL COWARD selected by Michael Cox, The Folio Society, 1996

Hundreds of copies of sheet music and scores have been published.
Notable anthologies are:
THE NOEL COWARD SONG BOOK Michael Joseph, 1953. In the US: Simon & Schuster, 1953 and Methuen, 1984 (Paperback)
Snider, Lee (Editor) SIR NOEL COWARD: HIS WORDS AND MUSIC Chappell & Co., Inc., appr. 1963. In the US: Random House, 1973
NOEL COWARD GALA: HIS WORDS AND MUSIC - Volume 2 - Snider, Lee (Editor)
NOEL COWARD REDISCOVERED Warner Brothers Publications, 2001

BITTER SWEET (book) Martin Secker, 1929 and (music) Chappell 1929
OPERETTE Heinemann, 1938

Hoare, Philip: THE SAYINGS OF NOEL COWARD Duckworth, 1997
Morley, Sheridan: THE QUOTABLE NOEL COWARD Running Press, 1999
Day, Barry: NOEL COWARD, A LIFE IN QUOTES Metro,1999
Engright, Dominique WICKED WIT OF NOEL COWARD (to be published)

Braybrooke, Patrick: THE AMAZING MR NOEL COWARD Denis Archer, 1933
Graecen, Robert: THE ART OF NOEL COWARD Hand & Flower Press, 1953.
Mander, Raymond and Mitchenson, Joe: THEATRICAL COMPANION TO NOEL COWARD Rockliff,1957. In the US: Macmillan, 1957.
Burton, Hal [editor]. GREAT ACTING. British Broadcasting Corporation, 1967. The transcripts of eight interviews with celebrated actors, including Noel Coward, originally televised on BBC2 in 1965 and 1966.
Richards, Dick (editor): THE WIT OF NOEL COWARD Leslie Frewin,1968 and Sphere, 1970 (Paperback)
Levin, Milton: NOEL COWARD Twayne, U.S., 1968. Revised 1989.
Morley, Sheridan: A TALENT TO AMUSE Heinemann, 1969. In the US: Doubleday & Company and Little Brown & Company, 1969 and Pavilion, 1986 (Paperback)
Heinemann, 1973. In the US as: A LAST ENCORE: WORDS BY NOEL COWARD PICTURES FROM HIS LIFE AND TIMES Little, Brown and Company, 1973.
Castle, Charles: NOEL 1972) Abacus, 1974 (Paperback)
Ralph Morse, Clarence: MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN: A STUDY OF NOEL COWARD Emporia, 1975.
Merchant, William: THE PRIVILEGE OF HIS COMPANY Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1975.In the US: Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1975.
Lesley, Cole: THE LIFE OF NOEL COWARD Cape,1976. Penguin, 1978 (Paperback).
Yarevintelimath, C.R.: JESTING JEREMIAH: A STUDY OF NOEL COWARD’S COMIC VISION Karatak University, Dharwad, 1978.
Cole, Lesley: NOEL COWARD AND HIS FRIENDS Weldenfeld & Nicolson,1979.
In the US: Morrow & Co., 1979.
Lahr, John: COWARD THE PLAYWRIGHT Methuen, 1982. Reprinted 1999.
Kiernan, Robert F.: NOEL COWARD Ungar, 1986.
Gray, Frances: NOEL COWARD Macmillan, 1987. In the US: St. Martin’s Press, 1987.
Russell, Jacqui (Compiler): FILE ON COWARD Methuen, 1987.
Briers, Richard: NOEL COWARD & COMPANY Robson Books, 1987 and Future, 1989 (paperback).
Citron, Stephen: NOEL & COLE: THE SOPHISTICATES Sinclair-Stevenson,1992.
In the US: Oxford University Press, 1993.
Fisher, Clive: NOEL COWARD Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1992. In the US: St Martin’s Press, 1992.
Cole, Stephen: NOEL COWARD A BIO-BIBLIOGRAPHY Greenwood Press 1993.
Dyer, Richard. BRIEF ENCOUNTER. London, British Film Institute, 1993 (BFI Film Classics series). A critical study of the film.
Payn, Graham; with Day, Barry: MY LIFE WITH NOEL COWARD Applause, 1994.
Morella, Joseph; and Mazzei, George: GENIUS & LUST THE CREATIVE AND SEXUAL LIVES OF COLE PORTER AND NOEL COWARD Robson Books 1995.In the US: Caroll & Graf Publishing, Inc., 1995.
Castle, Terry: NOEL COWARD & RADCLYFFE HALL, KINDRED SPIRITS Columbia University Press, 1996.
Salewicz, Chris; Boot, Adrian FIREFLY, NOEL COWARD IN JAMAICA (Victor Gollancz 1999)
Mander, Raymond and Mitchenson, Joe: THEATRICAL COMPANION TO NOEL COWARD (Second Edition) Updated by Morley, Sheridan, and Day, Barry. Oberon Books, 2000.
Kaplan, Joel, and Stowell, Sheila: LOOK BACK IN PLEASURE, NOEL COWARD RECONSIDERED Methuen, 2000.
Day, Barry (Editor and Annotations): THE UNKNOWN NOEL. NEW WRITING FROM THE NOEL COWARD ARCHIVE Second Opinion, inc., 2001.
Hoare, Philip, NOEL COWARD - A Biography, Sinclair-Stevenson, 1995.In the US, Simon & Schuster, 1995. Mandarin (paperback), 1996
Arrow Books (paperback), 1997
Morley, Sheridan, THE PRIVATE LIVES OF NOEL AND GERTIE, Oberon Books, 1999 (two biographies, A Talent to Amuse and A Bright Particular Star combined in one volume) (Paperback).
Sharland, Elizabeth, THE BRITISH ON BROADWAY, Barbican Press, 1999.
Sharland, Elizabeth, FROM SHAKESPEARE TO COWARD, Barbican Press, 1999.
Sharland, Elizabeth, A THEATRICAL FEAST, Barbican Press, 1999.
Sharland, Elizabeth, LOVE FROM SHAKESPEARE TO COWARD, Applause Books, 1999.
Day, Barry: COWARD ON FILM 2005