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Noel Coward on the Air:


Treasury Star Parade:
1. Opening
2. Waltz Medley
3. Lie in the Dark and Listen
4. Fourth War Loan Drive Message
5 Don't Let's be Beastly to the Germans
6. Closing (Any Bonds Today)
Noel Coward Programme
7. Opening - Someday I'll Find You
8. Mad Dogs and Englishmen
9. The Stately Homes of England
10. London Pride
11. His Excellency Regrets
12. Where are the Songs we Sung
13. Nina
14. Don't Let's be Beastly to the Germans
15. Mrs Wothington
16. This is a Changing World
17. A Mavellous Party
18. I saw no Shadow on the Sea
19 Uncle Harry
20. Waltz Medley
21. Toast Speech from Cavalcade
22 Closing Theme: I'll See You Again

The Dance Bands Play Noel Coward:


Newly released recordings of wartime broadcasts. A 'must have' for any collector.

Ambrose - Debroy Somers - Jack Hylton - Henry Hall - Jack Jackson - Carroll Gibbons - Rudi Starita - Ray Noble - Jack Payne

1. Dance Little Lady
2. Poor Little Rich Girl
3. A Room with a View
4. Lover of my Dreams
5. The Younger Generation
6 I Travel Alone
7. Bitter Sweet - Sections
8. Half Caste Woman
9. Most of Ev'ry Day
10. Bitter Sweet - Sections
11. Russian Blues
12. Try to Learn to Love
13 Words and Music - Selections
14 I'm Mad about You
15. Play Orchestra Play
16. Regency Rakes
17. You Were There
18. I'll Follow my Secret Heart
19. Mad about the Boy

Noel Coward & Gertrude Lawrence:


Not pure Coward - some of Miss Lawrence's songs by others

1. Parisien Pierrot
2. Mad Dogs and Englishmen
3. Do-Do-Do
4. Private Lives - Part of Act I
5. Private Lives - Part of Act II
6. Lover of My Dreams
7. Someone to Watch over Me
8 Mary Make Believe
9. Here's a Toast! - Hearts and Flower
10 A Room with a View
11. Mad About the Boy - Gertrude Lawrence
12. Any Little Fish
13. Has Anybody Seen our Ship? & Man About Town
14. World Weary
15. We Were Dancing
16. Then Play Orchestra Play & You Were There
17. Let's Say Goodbye

Noël & Gertie - Double Album:


Classic Original Recordings, but remastered to have the clarity of today. This clarity makes this 2 CD set a "must have" for any enthusiast.

Parisien Pierrot - Poor Little Rich Girl - Mary Make-Believe - Lorelei - A Room with a View - Dance Little Lady - Try to Learn to Love - World Weary - I'll See You Again - Zigeuner - Someday I'll Find You - I Never Realised/If You Were the Only Girl in the World/Someday I'll Find You - Any Little Fish - Half Caste Woman - Lover of My Dreams - Cavalcade Vocal Medley - Twentieth Century Blues - Land of Hope and Glory - Cavalcade Epilogue - Mad Dogs and Englishmen - Let's Say Goodbye - Mad about the Boy - Something to do with Spring - The Party's Over Now - We Were Dancing - Has Anybody Seen Our Ship - Men About Town - Then Play Orchestra Play - You Were There - Drinking Song - Hearts and Flowers/Music Box - Dearest Love - The Stately Homes of England - Where are the Songs we Sung - Gipsy Melody - Sigh No More - I Wonder What Happened to Him - Never Again - Wait a Bit Joe - Nina - Matelot - Bright Was the Day - His Excellency Regrets - This is a Changing World - Uncle Harry.

The Words & Music of Cole Porter:


Past Perfect's Clarity on Original Recordings.

Billie Holliday-Let's Do It/Night & Day; Bing Crosby & The Andrew Sisters-Don't Fence me In; Frances Day-It's De-Lovely; Al Bowlly/Lew Stone-How Could We Be Wrong; Gertrude Lawrence-Experiment/The Physician; Jay Wibur-Miss Otis Regrets; Marlene Dietrich-You Do Something To Me; Nat Gonella-Blow Gabriel Blow; Frances Langford - Easy to Love/Rap Tap on Wood; Fred Astaire-I've Got You on my Mind; Cole Porter-Anything Goes/You're the Top; Artie Shaw - What is this thing called love; Billy Cotton - My Heart Belongs to Daddy; Noel Coward - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To; Chick Henderson/Joe Loss - Begin the Beguine; Irving Aaranson - Let's Misbehave; Virginia Bruce-I've Got You Under My Skin ; Sam Browne/Ambrose-Just One of Those Things
The Words & Music of Irving Berlin:


Past Perfect's Clarity on Original Recordings

Carroll Gibbons-Top Hat White Tie and Tails; The Boswell Sisters-Cheek to Cheek; Frank Sinatra-Blue Skies; Bing Crosby-How Deep is the Ocean; Billie Holliday-He Ain't Got Rhythm/I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm; Fred Astaire-The Piccolina/Let's Face the Music and Dance; Eddie Cantor-Mandy; Connie Boswell-All Alone; Jimmie Lunceford-Slumming on Park Avenue; Dick Powell-This Year's Kisses/The Girl on the Police Gazette; Sam Browne/Ambrose-Soft Lights and Sweet Music; The Dorsey Brothers-Heat Wave; Al Bowlly-Marie; Ginger Rogers-No Strings; Hildegarde-A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody; Hutch-I Poured My Heart Into A Song; Ted Lewis-Alexander's Ragtime Band; Rudy Vallee-Say It Isn't So; Louis Armstrong & The Mills Brothers-The Song Has Ended (But the Melody Lingers On)

Fred Astaire - Songs from the Movies:


Again with Past Perfect's remastered clarity.

No Strings - Isn't This a Lovely Day - Top Hat White Tie and Tails - Cheek to Cheek - The Piccolino - We Saw the Sea - Let Yourself Go - I'd Rather Lead a Band - I'm Putting all my Eggs in One Basket - Let's Face the Music and Dance - Pick Yourself Up - The Way You Look Tonight - A Fine Romance - Bojangles of Harlem - Never Gonna Dance - Beginners Luck - Slap that Bass - They All Laughed - Let's Call the Whole Thing Off - They Can't Take That Away From Me - Shall We Dance - I Can't be Bothered Now - Things are Looking Up - A Foggy Day - Nice Work if You Can Get It
Bea Lillie - The Unique the Incomparable!
1.There are Fairies at the Bottom of our Garden 2. I'm a Campfire Girl 3. He was a Gentleman 4. Snoops the Lawyer 5. Susannah's Squeaking Shoes 6. Like He Loves Me 7. Nicodemus 8. Baby Doesn't Know 9. A Baby's Best Friend 10.Mother Told Me So 11.Paree 12.Get Yourself A Geisha 13.The Gutter Song 14.Mad about the Boy 15. A Marvellous Party 16.Three White Feathers 17. Weary of it All 18. I Hate Spring 19. Double Damask 20.Trains
Evelyn Laye - When I Grow Too Old To Dream
1.Lover Come Back to Me 2.The Girl on the Prow 3.One Kiss 4.You've Done Something to My Heart 5.Let the People Sing 6.The Night is Young 7.When I Grow Too Old to Dream 8.A Glass of Golden Bubbles 9.Butterfly Song 10.Brave Hearts 11.Near And Yet So Far 12.The Pricess is Wakening13.Love is a Song 14.ENSA Broadcast Medley - with John McCormack & Flanagan and Allen ' Where e'er you walk, The Star of the County Down, I'll walk beside you, Interpolation by F&A, If I should ever fall in love again 15.Zigeuner 16.I'll See You Again 17.All Thro' a Glass of Champagne 18. If You Look Into Her Eyes
Hoagy Carmichael - Mr Music Master
1. Mr Music Master - Hoagy Carmichael 2. Stardust - Frank Sinatra 3. Rockin' Chair - Mildred Bailey 4. Moon Country - Hoagy Carmichael 5. Riverboat Shuffle - Frankie Trumbauer 6. Two Sleepy People - Bob Hope & Shirley Ross 7. Judy - Hoagy Carmichael 8. Skylark - Billy Eckstine 9. Moonburn - Bing Crosby 10. Hong Kong Blues - Hoagy Carmichael 11. One Morning in May - Joe Loss & His Band 12. Lazy River - Hoagy Carmichael 13. I Get Along Without You Very Well - Adelaide Hall 14. Blue Orchids - Geraldo & His Orchestra 15. Little Old Lady - Gracie Fields 16 Georgia On My Mind - Nat Gonnella 17. Sing Me a Swing Song - Ella Fitzgerald 18. Lazy Bones - Hoagy Carmichael 19. Washboard Blues - Hoagy Carmichael 20. Snowball - Hoagy Carmichael 21. Small Fry - Bing Crosby & Johnny Mercer 22. Sing It Way Down Low - Hoagy Carmichael
Jessie Matthews - My Heart Stood Still
1. My Heart Stood Still 2. Got to Dance My Way to Heaven 3. There's That Look in Your Eyes Again 4. It's Love Again 5. Trusting My Luck 6. Looking Around Corners for You 7. Gangway 8. May I Have the Next Romance With You 9. Head Over Heels 10. One More Kiss 11. Three Wishes 12. By the Fireside 13. I'll Stay With You 14. Dancing on the Ceiling 15. Hold My Hand 16. Let Me Give My Happiness To You 17. One Little Kiss from You 18. Everything's in Rhythm with My Heart 19. Tony's in Town 20. Slipping Through My Fingers 21. When You Gotta Sing, You Gotta Sing 22. Just by Your Example
All three Sophistication albums for £25
1. Top Hat White Tie And Tails - Carroll Gibbons & His Boy Friends
2. Things Are Looking Up - Fred Astaire
3. The Touch of Your Lips - Hildegarde
4. Just Let Me Look At You - Noël Coward
5. Limehouse Blues/You Were Meant For Me/ Do Do Do/ Someone To Watch Over Me/ A Cup of Coffee A Sandwich and You/Wild Thyme/Experiment - Gertrude Lawrence
6. Nightfall - Benny Carter
7. So Little Time - Greta Keller
8. I Poured My Heart Into a Song - Hutch
9. You Do Something To Me - Marlene Dietrich
10. Dancing Honeymoon/And Her Mother Came Too/Fancy Our Meeting/Who/Two Little Bluebirds/Goonight Vienna/It's Not You/There's Always Tomorrow - Jack Buchanon
11. Darling Je Vous AimeeBeaucoup - Hildegarde
12. Drop In Next Time You're Passing - Elizabeth Welch
13. The Way You Look Tonight - Fred Astaire
14. One Little Kiss From You/Let Me Give My Happiness To You/When You've Got a Little Springtime in Your Heart/Over My Shoulder/Everything's In Rhythm With My Heart/Got To Dance My Way To Heaven/I Can Wiggle my Ears/I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping Through My Fingers - Jessie Matthews
15. Falling In Love Again - Marlene Dietrich
16. Where Are The Songs We Sung - Noël Coward
All three Sophistication albums for £25
1. On The Air - Carroll Gibbons
2. A Fine Romance - Fred Astaire
3. You're a Sweetheart - Greta Keller
4. Pariesien Pierrot/Poor Little Rich Girl/A Room With A View/Dance Little Lady/Someday I'll Find You/Any Little Fish/If You Could Only Come With Me/I'll See You Again - Noël Coward
5. How Could We Be Wrong - Gertrude Lawrence
6. La Chanson Des Rues - Jean Sablon
7. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm - Hildegarde
8. Melancholy Lullaby - Benny Carter
9. Say The Word and It's Yours - Jessie Matthews
10. Say When - Al Bowlly
11. I Double Dare You - Carroll Gibbons
12. You've Got That Look - Marlene Dietrich
13. These Foolish Things - Hutch
14. When Lights Are Low - Elisabeth Welch/Benny Carter
15. Vous, Qui Passez Sans Me Voir - Jean Sablon
16. The Blue Room - Hildegarde
17. Night and Dat - Fred Astaire
18. Moon or No Moon - Jessie Matthews
19. The Very Thought of You - Al Bowlly
20. Stardust - Freddy Gardner
21. I've Been In Love Before - Marlene Dietrich
22. I'm Still Dreaming - Jack Buchanon
All three Sophistication albums for £25
1. So Rare - Carroll Gibbons
2. This Year's Kisses - Hildegarde
3. Paradise - Frank Sinatra
4. Si Tu M'Aimes - Jean Sablon
5. Chasing Shadows - Django Reinhardt & Stephan Grappelli
6. Isn't This A Lovely Day - Fred Astaire
7. Someday I'll Find You - Gertrude Lawrence
8. Sophisticated Lady - Hutch
9. You're Heart Skips a Bit - Jessie Matthews
10. Goodnight Vienna - Jack Buchanon
11. These Foolish Things - Benny Carter
12. A Foogy Day - Carroll Gibbons
13. Sweet and Lovely - Al Bowlly
14. The Man I Love - Elizabeth Welch
15. Something to do with Spring - Noël Coward
16. Cheek to Cheek - Hildegarde
17. Room Five Hundred and Four - Hutch
18. When Love Comes Swinging Along - Al Bowlly
19. One Good Tune Deserves Another - Jack Buchanon
20. I'm Putting All Y Eggs In One Basket - Fred Astaire
21. I Saw Stars - Hutch
22. Dearest Love - Noël Coward
Vivian Ellis - Spread a Little Happiness
1. I'm on a See-Saw - John Mills & Louise Brown 2. How Do You Do, Mr Right - Geraldo 3. Pardon My English - Frances Day 4. Let's Lay Our Hearts Together - Frances Day & Arthur Riscoe 5. The Wind in the Willows - Hutch 6. Put That Down in Writing - Ray Noble 7. Every Little Moment 8. On the Amazon 9. Sweep 10. The Fleet's Lit Up 11. The Flies Crawled Up The Window - Jack Hulbert 12. Streamline - Medley - Vivian Ellis 13. Drop In Next Time You're Passing - Jack Hylton 14. Follow The Bride - Cicely Coutneidge 15. Maybelle - Cicely Courtneidge 16. Little Boy Blues 17. Streamline Medley - CB Cochran et al 18. Other People's Babies - Norah Howard 19. She's My Lovely - Bobby Howes 20. Spread a Little Happiness - Binnie Hale

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