Listed below are the Executive Committee of the Noel Coward Society. If you wish to contact the Society you should email John Knowles the General Manager and Secretary of the Society. He can be reached at:

The Noel Coward Society, 29, Waldemar Avenue, Hellesdon, Norwich NR6 6TB
[email protected]
Tel/Fax: +44(0)1603 486188

Michael Imison is the Chairman of the Society he was the agent for all the written work for many years and Coordinator of the Centenary Committee. Michael Imison Playwrights Ltd is part of Alan Brodie Representatives for who Michael is also a consultant. Michael is a Director of Noel Coward Ltd.
John Knowles is Secretary to the Society. 'I have had a passion for Coward's work ever since being introduced to his version of Cole Porter's 'Let's Do It' by my late father-in-law, Peter Kennedy, over 30 years ago. From passion to obsession and probably now, disease - I collect, read and talk about Coward and his work. I am lucky to be able to help enhance people's knowledge of Noel Coward and his life's work and remember Peter. If we can provide some starting points for those who wish to know more about this 'marvellous party' we will have done well. Every time I write or open the website I think he is looking at me and saying 'Now don't let me down, dear boy!' John is a Director of Noel Coward Ltd.  email
Robert Gardiner is a Director of Noel Coward Ltd. and a trustee of the Noel Coward Foundation.
Ali Howarth represents Alan Brodie Representation who manage the Noel Coward Estate.

Geoffrey Skinner represents Samuel French Limited, London, publishers of and leasing agents for amateur performance rights in Noel Coward's plays since 1920. I'll Leave It To You being our first acquisition for amateur performance and acting edition rights. We handle amateur performance rights in a wide variety of territories and our American colleagues in New York and Hollywood and our Canadian office in Toronto cover the North American territories. We are proud to be able to say that Samuel French Ltd. have never let a major Coward play go out of print. This has meant, just by way of example, that we have printed 105,000 copies of Blithe Spirit since 1942, 57,000 copies of Private Lives since 1945 and 54,000 copies of Hay Fever since 1938, and we will continue to keep his plays available as acting editions throughout the 21st Century. The plays of Noel Coward are extremely popular on the amateur market throughout the world, offering not only wonderful entertainment for audiences, but also excellent opportunities for actors, directors and designers alike.

Website: London: and
Claire Osborne represents Warner/Chappell Music Limited. Warner/Chappell's association with the songs of Sir Noel Coward started in 1919 when the music publishing company Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, a company Chappell Music subsequently bought, acquired the rights to the song "The Baseball Rag". We tend to think of Coward now as writing both the music and lyrics for his songs, but he wrote the lyrics only for this particular work, the composer being Doris Doris (a pseudonym for Doris Walters). We have represented the Coward catalogue ever since then. I joined Warner/Chappell in 1988 and have been responsible for the exploitation of Noel Coward's song catalogue for the last ten years. It is our job to create as much awareness for the songs as we can, whether through recordings, live performance, in television commercials, films or television programmes or in printed sheet music form. I am pleased to say that the interest in and demand for Coward's music and lyrics continues to grow and attract new audiences, thanks to activity like the Levi's television commercial a few years ago which used "Mad About The Boy", the contemporary treatment of his songs on the album "Twentieth Century Blues" and last year's Proms concert. With the launch of the Noel Coward Society and the website, the work of Noel Coward will reach even more people around the world. These outlets, together with the many other new means of communicating information and music which are becoming available to the world's population, means that the access to and demand for Coward's musical works should continue to grow well into the twenty-first century. Registered Office: Griffin House 161 Hammersmith Road London Tel: 020 8563 5800 Facsimile: 020 8563 5801
Jane Finch is a member of the Society from Stourport-on-Seven she has been involved in amateur theatre since the age of 4! Taught dance and drama in schools and ran her own youth theatre for many years. Is Past Chair of the Worcestershire Theatre Festival. After belonging to established amateur groups for many years formed Acting for Charity Theatre 10 years ago. Has had wide experience of acting, directing and backstage in many styles of theatre. Directed Blithe Spirit and Private Lives. Co-devised, co-directed and performed in Noel Coward and Friends , a collection of Noel's work and the music of some of his contemporaries. Has long been a fan of Coward's work and has a collection of first editions, programmes and other memorabilia which continues to grow. Has aspirations to direct Cavalcade as a piece of community theatre and The Vortex.
Gareth Pike is a past Secretary of the Society - he has spent his business career in the world of insurance and computers. These days he is an independent consultant working for clients of strategic projects in the insurance systems market. His real love is theatre, and the life and work of Noël Coward. He approached the Noël Coward Estate in early 1999, to ask after any appreciation society. That conversation, and the tremendous support of the Estate and all who work in the Coward world, ensured the Society was born.
Graham Martin - of Blinkhorn's - specialist showbusiness accountants. Graham is the Company Secretary of Noel Coward Ltd.
Barry Day is the co-author with Graham Payn, of the autobiography 'My Life With Noel Coward'. His other books include 'Noel Coward - The Complete Lyrics' and 'Noel Coward a Life in Quotes'. He works in advertising and serves on the board of the group responsible for the rebuilding of the Globe Theatre. He lives in New York and London.  
Stephen Marshall is a member with a personal knowledge and friendship with Noel Coward. For years Stephen was the secretary of the First-Nighters a group that, as its name implies, attended first night performances in the West End. Stephen befriended Noel and the First-Nighters celebrated with the Master at a memorable lunch to celebrate his 70th birthday.
Ned Chaillet An established producer with the BBC who was responsible for the BBC radio productions of Coward's plays during the Centenary Year.
Peter Tummons represents Methuen publishers who managed the publication of Coward's work during the Centenary Year and are the major publishers of Coward's work.

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