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"Carry On star had me weeping with laughter "

NCS member Jim Dale's hit show in London

Can it be true? The programme tells us that Jim Dale is about to turn 80. You would hardly guess it watching this lithe figure as he recalls an extraordinary career that has embraced Carry On movies, Olivier’sNational Theatre company and Broadway stardom in Barnum and Me and My Girl. Far from being an old man’s nostalgia trip, the show feels like an expression of Mr Dale’s perpetual youth.

Two things clearly shaped his talent: a love of music hall and attendance at dance classes. They come together in his re-creation of a teenage dance competition where his cousin failed to turn up and he was forced to do a pas de deux with an imaginary partner: the sight of the presumed partner sailing into the stratosphere had me weeping with laughter and reminded me how music-hall artists like Max Wall and Billy Dainty made dance a vital part of their act. Dale’s gift for acrobatic comedy was also the secret of his success in the Carry On films, in which he did his own stunts and was always falling off camels and hurtling down hospital corridors on runaway trolleys.

Two things clearly shaped his talent: a love of music hall and attendance at dance classes

Working the halls, as Dale did for a couple of teenage years as part of Carroll Levis Discoveries, is also ideal training for a future actor. Specifically, Dale claims it was seeing Coward’s Fumed Oak that inspired him and he re-creates the final speech from that play, where a suburban worm turns on his family, with the right sour asperity.

In many ways, it’s an odd choice, since Dale’s great gift has always been for getting on easy terms with an audience. Encouraged by Frank Dunlop at the Young Vic, he played a whole succession of Shakespearean clowns including Bottom, Autolycus and the dismally unfunny Lancelot Gobbo before moving on to Molière’s Scapino and the plays of Peter Nichols. His performance of the opening scene from Nichols’s Joe Egg, in which a harassed teacher treats the audience as if they were unruly pupils, makes me envious of the New York audiences who got to see the whole thing. The unfairly talented Dale, accompanied by Mark York on piano, also sings a number of songs from Broadway shows as well as the hit number he co-wrote for the movie Georgy Girl.

But what finally strikes you is his physical exuberance. Fifty years ago, as a boy-critic, I reviewed him in a cod-melodrama called The Wayward Way at this very theatre and singled out the “Nureyev-like leap” with which he rescued the beleaguered heroine. Today, Dale still represents the delight of comedy in motion.

• At Vaudeville, London, until 20 June. Buy tickets from or call 0330 333 6906

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Stephen Duckham will take on the responsibility for financail management of NCS and NC Ltd. from the end of July 2015. Stephen Greenman is now Vice-Chairman of the NCS Organising Committee. Denys Robinson will stand down as Chairman at the AGM in December 2015 as will John Knowles as General Secretary. John will continue to be the Editor and producer of Home Chat. Home Chat will become a magazine about Noël Coward funded completely by the Noël Coward Foundation and featuring themed editions that provide detailed articles and images on an aspect of his life and work. It will contain a pull out section on NCS. Home Chat will still be provided free to members and be on sale to the public at a minimum price of £2.50 a copy.

Noël Coward on Sir Winston Churchill's funeral

"I was taken to see the lying-in-state of Winston Churchill infinitely impressive - those endless crowds moving slowly and silently by after waiting in the bitter weather for many hours. On Saturday morning Vivien, Jack, Bumble (Beatrice Dawson), Billy Chappell, Graham, Coley and I watched the funeral on television from 9.20 to 1.30 in floods of proud tears for most of the time. No other race could have done so great a tribute with so little pomposity and so much dignity. The arrival of the barge we could see from the window of my sitting room (on the Savoy Hotel's Embankment side) directly opposite us. A great and truly noble experience."
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