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Interviews with Noël Coward

Known recorded interviews with Coward are relatively rare. In recent years only two previously unknown interviews have turned up. Both were recorded at the time of Sail Away, one in America in 1961 and the other in Melbourne in 1963 for the Australian production of the show.

Coward and Garland Interview
The first was one undertaken by an unknown reporter and included Judy Garland and Kay Thompson. This is a 3rd generation copy from a cassette so the sound quality is not very good.

Click here to hear the Coward Garland interview...

Coward in Australia 1963
The second was carried out by NCS member the journalist and writer Ray Stanley. Coward makes a reference to the visit 'down under', and this interview, in the Diaries in an entry for Saturday 1 June 1963 when he is staying in Sydney. Read Ray's introduction to the interview below:

Click here to hear the Australian interview...

"Cole Lesley opened the door to Coward's hotel suite and The Master quickly put me at ease. He said he had a friend visiting him, who would not stay very long, and would I mind waiting in his bedroom during the visit. "You may know him - he is the Prime Minister of Australia"

The telephone rang in another room and Cole Lesley came in to say the P.M. had been held up, so Coward suggested we delayed the taping visit and just chatted. How I wish I could have recorded that conversation.

He told me that he was going on to America to direct THE GIRL WHO CAME TO SUPPER, which had been delayed because the leading lady - Florence Henderson - was having a baby. "But that's all right as she always sings better after giving birth!"

After that he was going to direct Bea Lillie - he referred to her as Beattie - in HIGH SPIRITS. He was expecting lots of arguments during rehearsals as there always were with Lillie, but all would be well in the end!

The telephone rang in another room and Cole came in to say the P.M. had been delayed. Coward then suggested we got on with the taping, which we did. In the middle of it one can hear the doorbell ringing and the P.M. arriving, so I kept the P.M. waiting!

The P.M. entered the room as I was packing up my recorder and the first words Coward uttered were "I bring you greetings from the Queen Mother" and Menzies adressed him as King Magnas (his role in THE APPLE CART). Coward then introduced me to the P.M.!"