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The Noël Coward Music Index


This resource is nearing completion - click here to access the Index
Read an interview with one of the authors Dominic Vlasto by dramatist Marcy Kahan.
The NCMI is Webmastered by John Knowles

About the NCMI...
Originally intended as a published work the Music Index is ideally suited to the web environment offering student, enthusiast and professional alike the opportunity to explore the music and recorded work of Noël Coward.

The Music Index lists alphabetically all known musical titles by Noël Coward, including music without lyrics.

Special notes:
Items where there is an alternative title, or where the item forms part of a larger constituent whole, are cross-referenced.
Items where Coward was not the composer of the music (e.g. if he only wrote the words) or where there is still some doubt as to the composer (e.g. cases of "joint composition"), or where the music has been lost, refer the reader to the Subsidiary Musical Index at Appendix 1.

About the authors...
The NCMI has been written by Dominic Vlasto and Alan Farley who have spent most of their working lives engaged in research into various aspects of Noël Coward's music.

Dominic Vlasto's background is as a Cambridge-trained musicologist and performer whose detailed interest in Coward's music was spurred over twenty years ago by working with Coward's own accompanist, Norman Hackforth. He was the musical contributor to Look Back in Pleasure, published by Methuen in the wake of the Coward Centenary conference.

Alan Farley is senior producer and presenter for arts programmes with KALW Radio, San Francisco. He has spent many years interviewing people who worked with Coward, and has also amassed an unrivalled collection of commercial and archival recordings in the process of presenting over 150 radio programmes on Coward's music


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