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Coward academic study - Siobhan Daly - Aug 2002
I am researching for a MA paper on Noel Coward. After undertaking some research and talking to my tutors, it appears that Coward is only recently coming up for academic review and consequently there is not too much, in this vein, written on him. Does anybody know of any good academic books or papers on Coward and how I might get hold of them. All advice gratefully received! email
Design for Living spinoff
- 1933 from William C. Marten
In Jared Brown's THE FABULOUS LUNTS: A BIOGRAPHY OF ALFRED LUNT AND LYNN FONTANNE, p. 209 of the paperback edition, he mentions a comic sketch by Noel Coward based on his experience acting with the Lunts. Apparently it was only performed for a charity benefit. Does anyone know if the piece had a name, if it was ever published, if the manuscript exists in some repository? email

Ways and Means
Hello fellow fans, I am a student director who will attempt to do WAYS AND MEANS justice; however, I am bound to make mistakes so if anyone has directorial tips for me, I'd thoroughly appreciate it. Thank you. Brian email

From: Neil Monro-Davies email
In "Design For Living", Otto has the line 'Reach for a Murad!'
Does anyone have any idea what this means?
I would be most grateful for any help.
From: Denis Chirgwin
email: [email protected]
A question,
Can anyone give me any information on a film of Blithe spirit? My wife and I fell in love with an adaptation of Blithe Spirit made in America and I think although am now not at all sure that it may have stared Cary Grant.
I would love to buy it for my wife.
Can anyone help me.

Perusing the November 1925 issue of Theatre World, on page 19 I have
stumbled on the following:
"Hay Fever, under its old (and better) title of Still Life, has been
produced in America, but with indifferent success".
I wonder if members have more information on this?
Still Life of course was the title of one of The Master's Tonight at
8.30 plays, later filmed as Brief Encounter.
Ray Stanley

From Richard Canning ... I'm writing a life of Ronald Firbank, the cult twenties novelist, and would be grateful for any correspondence relating to RF or recollections of him, with reference also to Coward or otherwise. Many thanks! email

Sarah you wrote to us asking the following but left no email address for a response!
I'm trying to find two short poems called "The Boy Actor" and "Not Yet the Dodo", both by Noel Coward. Where can I find them?Thanks for your help.

Does anyone know anything about Noel's Nurse?
Jean parker - email: [email protected]. Around 1950 Jean's great aunt nursed Noel Coward. Does anyone have any info regarding times when Noel Coward would have needed a nurse. Her name was Matilda Jane Harris although Jean knew her as Hilda Harries. She may well have used the name Dalrymple. If these names are unknown would anyone know where the nurses were employed?

Jean is assumimg Sir Noel would have either had private nurses or used a private hospital. Any help however small would be appreciated.

Chelsea Buns before they were cooked?
The Society has been informed of an interesting auction item which appears to be a privately published precursor to the famous Sitwell satire, Chelsea Buns - I quote "Poems by Hernia Whittlebot" with a forward by Noel Coward. This is signed by the great man, dated 1923 and dedicated to Maisie Gaye, who I believe read these poems during "London Calling". Members can find out more and where they can bid on the Members Pages .

Noel Coward In Australia 1940 - A History
Julian Rady (email: [email protected]) is currently researching Noel Coward's visit to Australia in 1940 to raise funds for Red Cross and war charities. Julian writes: 'I have researched the press and other printed material thoroughly but would still welcome any personal recollections from those lucky enough to have experienced this tour. Also, any other details readers may feel will be of interest,including memorabilia etc., for possible inclusion in the history, and especially any photos of Noel taken at the time. Will also welcome any enquiries re this tour from interested fans. Thanks.' Julian Rady (Secretary, Noel Coward Society of South Australia)

From: Paul Busby - email: [email protected]
Evan Morgan (Lord Tredegar) biography
I am currently researching the lives of two people who knew Noel Coward. The eccentric Welsh poet and aristocrat Evan Morgan (1893-1949) who in 1934 became Viscount Tredegar, and his wife the Hon. Lois Sturt (1900-1937. Evan was good friends with many of the society figures of the day including Aldous Huxley, HG Wells, Augustus John, Ronald Firbank and GK Chesterton. Lois was an actress; and had been involved in a relationship with Prince George, the Duke of Kent. I am not sure of their relationship with Coward and if any devotees have come across the names of Evan and Lois in their Noel Coward research I would be grateful if they could get in touch with me.When Evan Morgan married Lois Sturt at the Brompton Oratory in 1928; Noel Coward sent a 'shagreen box' as a wedding present. Any help would be much appreciated.
From: Diane Wood - (contact her at 18, Downside Crescent, Allerton, Bradford, United Kingdom.)
Noel Coward Memorabilia - May 2,000 to 2,001.
I attend the Cathedral Centre in Bradford. It's a voluntary training organisation for unemployed adults. We are researching into the life of Noel Coward and studying his recordings and other artistes who recorded his songs. He indeed was an excellent singer himself and spoke the Queen's English. We are looking for any 78s, books that anyone can donate and also 78s of "Mad About The Boy"recorded as solos by Al Bowly, Gertrude Lawrence and the great man himself, Noel Coward. We need LPs, CDs and tapes in very good condition for our project send or deliver donations to Miss Wood, 18 Downside Crescent, Allerton, West Yorkshire, England. I am a big fan of Noel Coward and I am the organiser. I'm only 25.
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