Each day we receive numerous questions about Noël Coward by email. Part of our role as a Society is to provide accurate information on this remarkable man - so here is some background and guidance on asking questions.

Noël Coward remarked that he did not think his work would survive him, yet every succeeding generation wants to find out more about this person they perceive as being the quintessential 20’s and 30’s upper class playboy. Nothing could be farther from the truth - as these pages give witness! He rose from humble but genteel stock to become a consummate theatre professional, writer and composer. His strong self-disciplined approach to his work enabled him to produce some 50 plays, 400 songs and numerous revue sketches and verse, short stories and a novel. He directed, produced and acted in countless plays and films and was writing right up to his death in Jamaica in 1973.


At an early age he realised that he would ‘get on’ only if he created a space for himself in the theatre and the class-dominated society of the day. Together, the immaculately tied dressing gown and impeccably held cigarette holder, slicked back hair and decadently posed head, created a unique image that epitomised an age and a style that is forever Noël Coward.


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