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Hi are you or any of your members interested in purchasing a 1st ed Middle east Diary Book 1944 with DW has Middel East Diary in red letters on the front. DW is spotted inside the flyleaf book in VG condition though little faded /otherwise fine no pages missing has RH-7 inscribed inside

cheers offers email

I have 3 books previously owned by Noel Coward, in one of which he has written his name in pencil.

The provenance/circumstances are as follows: A number of years after Noel Coward left Bermuda, my father-in-law, as a realtor, cleared out Spithead prior to refurnishing and renting the place. He came across a large carton of books with Noel Coward's name on it. He was instructed that the books were no longer of interest to Mr. Coward.

Over the years, many of the books deteriorated in Bermuda's environment; sadly, within recent years, I had to throw out James Montgomery Flagg's autobiography in which he had inscribed "To Viola Coward, with love from Jimmie".

The remaining books are all first editions, not worth a great deal except for the fact that they were previously owned by Noel Coward and only the one has his signature in it.

It occurs to me that some of your members would be interested in possessing the book.

I have put a tentative asking price of $500.00 US on the signed book as my research on the internet re memorabilia from that era and of Noel Coward appears to be a reasonable figure. ( A typed 1 page letter, signed by Noel Coward, was recently offered on one of the internet auction sites for $585.00 US).

I would appreciate your assistance in finding a suitable 'home' for this book and look forward to your reply.

Dawn L. Evans

'Weblin', 5 Tee Street
Devonshire DV 07,
Tel. & Fax.: 441-236-4355
email: [email protected]

Books for sale: email: [email protected]
Play Parade vol 1: Doubleday Doran edition 1934
Pomp and Circumstances: Doubleday 1960
Star Quality: Heinemann 1951
The Plays of Noel Coward:(includes Sirocco, Home Chat and The Queen was in the Parlor) Doubleday Doran 1938
Future Indefinite: Doubleday 1954

For Sale from Julie Chamberlain 4 vinyl Coward LPs for sale:

Noel Coward: Noel & Gertie & Bea, EMI PMEO9859, with Gertrude Lawrence & Beatrice Lillie (Australian release)

Noel Coward: Noel & Gertie, HMV OCLP1050, with Gertrude Lawrence (Australian release)

Noel Coward: Noel Coward Duologues, Phillips B 94010L, with Margaret Leighton (Australian release)

Noel Coward In New York: Coronet KLP591, with Peter Metz USA (Australian release)

Offers to:[email protected]

Mad Dogs and Englishmen - Noel Coward 78 - Paricia Gallagher email: [email protected]
I have a 78 recording of 'Mad Dogs And Englishmen' on the Victor/ His Masters Voice label. If anyone would be interested in buying this item please e-mail me.

Together With Music with Noel Coward and Mary Martin. Ford Star Jubilee CBS-TV, NY  22nd October, 1955. A ninety minute entertainment written and directed by Coward.
Available on VHS video from Shokus Video see their web site at only $19.95 for NTSC (PAL and SECAM $29.95).
To find this item on the Shokus online store: go to the web site then select Find from the Edit menu - enter Coward - and click Find Next you will then find the video entitled 511 TV VARIETY, XXXV.
With thanks to John Cardiff of the Marvellous Party email list for spotting this offer!

Biography for sale:
Jan Hill
email: [email protected]
First edition 1976 (Jonathan Cape) with dust jacket goodish condition. Lots of b/w photos. £20 plus postage

I own the original drawing Osbert Lancaster made of Noel Coward, dressed in a kimono, sitting cross-legged on a stool, fan in one hand, cigarette holder in the other, a screen behind. It was used for the back jacket of Charles Castle's book, "Noel". It is in its original frame which I believe was made by Partridges of Bond Street. It is currently for sale and may be of interest to members of the society. I brought the drawing from Stanley Hall. Stanley owned a business called Wig Creations in London and did all the theatrical hairpieces for many years. Noel gave Stanley the rights to many of his titles to use in naming soaps, scents and candles etc. I think it was about 1979 that he and Charles Castle decided to move from their apartment in Beckenhall Manions to their country house in West Sussex. There they had an aviary and Charles bred Welsh ponies. It was at a "clearing out" sale prompted by this move, that I encountered and purchased the piece. I expect your members will know why Noel is depicted in this quasi-oriental mode - all I know is that this is one of what the publishers of "Noel" refer to as "masterly caricatures". I am reachable via email. Bobo Faulkner, can be contacted at [email protected], by fax on 650-343-3699 or phone 650-343-3100.
All mail to: 1174 Broadway Suite 200, BURLINGAME, CA 94010, USA

Robin Mogridge - email: [email protected]
John Broadwood & Sons cottage upright piano no.105460 for sale made in 1905/6
This piano has been in my family for many years - unfortunately nobody plays it any more and we are selling it. The original tag hanging on a hook inside says it was to go to: A & V Crops for Mrs. Coward - its no. was 105460, which gives it a date of 1905/6 - could Mrs Coward have had a young son called Noel and could he have learnt to play on this instrument?
If anyone could throw any light on this subject or be interested in purchasing it please let me know via e-mail address above - thank you.

The Amazing Mr Noel Coward by Patrick Braybrooke. (1933). This is a first edition, clothbound without a dust jacket, in good condition. It has a library impression stamp on the first few pages for " Vaughan's Library, 30 Marchmont St., WC1. Offers invited to The Noel Coward Society.

The Privilege of His Company - Noel Coward Remembered by William Marchant (1975) First edition in good condition with torn dust jacket. Marked on flyleaf 'Simon Ceaser 1978'. Offers invited to The Noel Coward Society.

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