Resources on the family of websites devoted to Noël Coward and agencies acting on behalf of the Noël Coward Estate (NC Avantales AG)

Noël Coward • the official website for all information about professional activity that uses the works of Noël Coward.

The Noël Coward Foundation • a charitable body that awards grants to bodies who use the works of Noël Coward to educate and inform.

The Noël Coward Archive Trust • is a recently established UK non-profit charity, which runs alongside The Noel Coward Archive (US) Inc. in the US. 

The Music of Noël Coward • a website devoted to the music and lyrics of Noël Coward.

The Noël Coward Music Index • if you want to find out more about the music, songs and lyrics of Noël Coward then browse the index and its appendices.

The Paintings of Noël Coward • "In his lifetime, Noël always reserved his own paintings as first-night or birthday gifts, allowing only one or two to go for the very occasional charity auction and fearing, as he once wrote, that a kind of 'celebrity snobbism' might otherwise make them valued more for their autograph than for their intrinsic worth." Sheridan Morley

Noël Coward in Jamaica • a website dedicated to the Jamaican home of Sir Noël Coward.