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Sketches, Parodies, Verse and Novel.

Sketches and Parodies
These sketches are listed by show as given in the Centenary publication by Methuen entitled Noël Coward Collected Revue Sketches and Parodies

London Calling
“Rain Before Seven - (Love Matches)
Early Mourning (“Sorry you’ve been troubled)
The Swiss Family Whittlebot

On With The Dance
The Cafe de la Paix (Fin De Siecle)
Oranges And Lemons
Travelling Light (A Thief In The Night)

This Year Of Grace
(Charles B. Cochran’s 1928 Revue)
A Tube Station (The Tube)
Ignorance Is Bliss
The Lido Beach
The English Lido
The Legend Of The Lily Of The Valley
Rules Of Three
Law And Order
Love, Life And Laughter
The Order Of The Day

Charles Cochran’s 1931 Revue
Half-Caste Woman

The Third Little Show
Cat’s Cradle

Words And Music
Children’s Hour
Journey’s End
Fairy Whispers
Midnight Matinee
The Party’s Over Now

Set To Music
Weary Of It All
Secret Service

Sigh No More

Playlets, Additional Sketches and Early Pieces
What Next?
Woman And Whisky
Mild Oats
Customs House, Dover
Some Other Private Lives (Parody of “Private Lives”)

Coward's verse is contained in the "Collected Verse" edited by Graham Payn and Martin Tickner (1984 - Methuen). In this book they are grouped under the headings: Love, Life, Death, Friends, Others, Theatrical, Musical, War, Peace, Travel and Travellers.

Titles of Verse - in alphabetical order

(* indicates a verse published in Not Yet The Dodo - London and New York, 1967)

Advice from a Lady Who Has Visited the Island Before (Thoughts on Corsica)
Any Part of Piggy*
The Ballad of Graham Greene
The Bandit (Thoughts on Corsica)
The Battle of Britain Dinner, New York, 1963
Bora Bora

The Boy Actor*
Calvi (Thoughts on Corsica)
Canton Island
Descriptive (Thoughts on Corsica)
Do 1 Believe*
Epitaph for an Elderly Actress*
Father and Son
From One Chap to Another
Go to Malta Little Girl
Goldeneye Calypso
Goldeneye Opus No 2
The Great Awakening
Happy New Year
Honeymoon, 1905*
Hotel Napoleon Bonaparte, Ile Rousse (Thoughts on Corsica)
I am No Good at Love*
Knew You Without Enchantment
If I Should Ever Wantonly Destroy
I'm Here for a Short Visit Only*
In Masculine Homage
Irene Vanbrugh Memorial Matinee: The Epilogue*
I've just Come Out from England
Jeanesse Dorée
The Lady at the Party
Let These People Go
Letter from the Seaside 1880*
Lie in the Dark and Listen
Lines to a Fellow Passenger
Lines to a Little God
Lines to an American Officer
Lines to a Remote Garrison
Morning Glory*
'Morning Glory' (Daily Mail)
Mrs Mallory*
Not Yet the Dodo*
Notes on an Admiral's Hangover
Nothing is Lost*
Oh Dear
On Leaving England for the First Time
Onward Christian Soldiers
Open Letter to a Mayor
Opera Notes*
P & 0 1930*
Personal Note
Personal Reminiscence*
Pleasure Cruise
Political Hostess
A Question of Values*
Quiet Old Timers
The Quinta Bates
Social Grace*
Sonnet to a Hermit Crab
This is to Let You Know
Thoughts on Corsica
To Lorn
To Mary MacArthur
To Meg Titheradge
To Mr James Agate
Tribute to Ivor Novello
Tribute to Marlene Dietrich*
We Must Have a Speech from a Minister
What a Saucy Girl
When I Have Fears

Pomp And Circumstance