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The speech made by Stephen Fry at The Garrick Club can be found here!

Back copies of Home Chat (items in black text are yet to be uploaded or are missing from our archive):
Browsers of these past copies of Home Chat will find that all of the Web links shown are 'live' and will connect to the relevant Web page - if it still exists!

2012: FebruaryMay
2011: FebruaryMayAugustNovember
2010: FebruaryAprilJuneAugustOctoberDecember
2009: February April JuneAugustOctober • December
2008: February • April June AugustOctober Burgh Island Insert December
2007: February April April InsertJune • August • October • December
(In 2007 / 2008 a system fault caused electronic copies of the most recent editions at the time to be lost - proving the value of backing-up!)
2006: FebruaryApril JuneAugust October December
2005: February April June August October December
2004: February April June August October December
2003: February April June August October December (incomplete)
2002: February April June (fragment)August October December
2001: February March April MayJune July August September October November December
(In 2001 monthly copies of Home Chat were intended but moved to bi-monthly publishing in the Autumn so January is the only one missing)
2000: January February March April May August November
(In 2000 monthly copies of Home Chat were intended but slippage meant that only those editions immediately above were published)
1999: Draft Newsletter

If you have a copy of a Home Chat that is missing from our archive or could be used to replace a poor copy, then you can send us a scan or - if you can trust us with your precious copies! - send them by recorded post and we will scan and return them to you!
Send to: [email protected] or to: John Knowles, 29, Waldemar Avenue, Hellesdon, Norwich, NR6 6TB, UK

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