Changes on the 3rd of November

Noël Coward on the web will change from 3rd November 2021onwards.

Access to online versions of Home Chat, Coward news and events will be via www.noë after that date this website will cease to operate. We hope you will enjoy the exciting range of new and fresh information and opportunities that this development will provide. See you there!


The Home Chat Archive includes every known edition of Home Chat that we have on file and links to the online versions of Home Chat since 2019.

This is a resource full of articles about The Master, his work and his contemporaries. It contains interesting facts, news of the time and images taken from a huge variety of sources and articles, some from arts and media magazines of the past. The archive is not searchable at present but we hope to extract the major articles and make them available in a searchable format at some point later this year. There are a few missing copies but we hope to fill in the gaps and improve the quality of some of the back copies as time passes. Home Chat Archive

Current Officers of the Society

Chairman: Stephen Duckham
In America: Jeffrey Hardy